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Which WordPress Theme Is best for customization


In this Post, I’m going to show you the best personal blog WordPress theme I’m going to show you which WordPress theme. I used to make my blog look like this here on the front page and that theme also allows my blog page to look like this and the actual post pages to look similar to what you can see here on the screen very nice and neat I’ll also show you some other really awesome WordPress themes that are aimed at personal blogs.

So let’s get right into it over the last couple of months. I have had a lot of inquiries on my blog via comments asking which WordPress theme. I used to make my front page look like this and the theme that I use is optimized press smart theme so this is the home page for that actual theme and of course this page itself is also made with the smart theme the thing that, I really like about this theme is that it looks great right out of the box as soon as you install it.


It makes your website look really good it’s super easy to use so I’m gonna walk you through some of the options and the reasons why I actually love this theme the way that all fonts and typography are set up I have not changed any options I basically just installed the theme and activated it and it makes really nice font for the header and for the actual text of the blog posts you can also see a different implementation on the actual optimize press website

You can see the font is still the same but they’ve just done a slightly different color scheme and here on their website they’re giving another example of another implementation on their Brian blog you can see that this theme looks quite similar but just a little bit different if you click on any of these blog posts you’ll see it’s just a different implementation different color scheme but it’s all the same WordPress theme.

So that’s why I think that this optimize press smart theme is actually the best WordPress theme for a personal blog if you guys want to check it out for yourself just go into the description below and click the link that will take you through to this page where you can check out the smart member optimized press theme now the thing about it is that smart member theme actually forms package of the optimized press suite so if you want to get this smart theme then you need to get the whole optimize press suite this is a premium theme.

So it does cost money but it’s very price effective so the package that I’ve got is this essential $1.99 per year and basically what you get here is you can see that smart theme WP marketing theme is actually part of this overall suite but the main sort of part of the actual suite is the optimized press page builder so you can see for example this page itself is built in the optimize press page builder and the front page of my actual website so what I’ve done here is built using the optimized press page builder now optimize press in my opinion is the best page builder.

I use it myself for all of the websites and landing pages and sales pages that I built it’s a drag and drop type page builder it’s it can do everything that the click funnels page builder can do but it’s a lot cheaper obviously as you can see it’s $99 per year whereas click funnels is starts at$100 a month and goes up to $300 a month so it’s it’s a lot cheaper and that’s why I think that the optimized press package is actually really competitive because a lot of you guys have told me that you’ve considered getting click funnels at some stage and in my opinion click funnels.

I think it’s it’s a good software it’s marketed by amazing marketers but optimized press is actually you know the package that I personally use it just makes a don’t need to buy two things separately you can just get one thing and you give the theme you get the optimized press page builder and you also get a bunch of other stuff there’s you know lead generation tools etc you can check out all of the kind of bells and whistles but the two things that I use from here are the page builder and the theme smart theme is actually really easy to customize they’ve got if you go into appearance and then theme options.

It has this menu on the left-hand side it’s very logical it you can change all of the options that you can possibly think of header, footer styling blog pages everything is customization in particular fortypography it’s set up in a really easy way you can choose any of the google fonts for body font and headline font you can set up all of that from here easily it has everything that you would expect from a professional WordPress theme regular updates you know everything is customize able.

So if you guys decide to investigate this and you possibly want to pick up the whole optimize press package if you do it through my link which is in the description below I’m actually going to give you a pretty awesome bonus so justcheck out that link you will get one of my courses traffic generation andblogging courses as a bonus if you decide to get optimized press packageincluding smart theme if you decide to pick it up through my link theme numbertwo that I really like and that I think is a great theme for a personal blog or for any simple blog is this theme here called flat ‘some.

I’m here on the flatsum website and I have used this theme on many of my blogs on 3 I think of mypersonal blogs and I’ve also installed it on many of my clients websites as well so I’m very familiar with this theme it’s fully customizable it’s goteverything that you can possibly want and it looks professional and very niceand clean it also comes with several demos and various ways of kind of havingit laid out you can run an e-commerce enabled blog with it you can also haveother types of shops and there are also business sort of layouts so the one that.

WordPress theme

I personally really like is this one here called corporate. it is asimple-looking layout but it’s very clean and very customizable so a post onflat some corporate would look like this once again it’s very clean and you can change the font of anything you want it’s nice and light and if you go back into demos and you choose some of these other ones you’ll see some awesomelay outs that they’ve got so if you choose this agency one for example you see that it looks completely different this front page looks more like an agency and if you go into the blog option to see what the blog pages look like you’ll see that it’s styled differently as well.

If you wantto buy flats and theme just watch out if you type in buy flats um you will seethese ads setting the theme for for nine tonight these are actually piratedversions they’re not going to be supported so make sure that you buy itfrom the flats um theme forest page here and the theme is $59 but you get what you pay for this is a premium theme and it comes with support it’s been updated and it’s one of the best selling themes on theme forest so there is a reason forthat because the theme is actually really good and very flexible you can see it’s been sold 115,000 times so no surprise is there.

It is well proven theme now if you guys do want to pick this up through my link once again I’m going to give you my blogging in traffic course if you pick this up froma link so just check the link in the description below for detailslastly I’m also gonna show you a free option for a personal blog WordPress theme there is a lot of choice out there butthe one theme that I’ve recently discovered.

That I really like isthis one Hestia they have a free version of the theme as well as a paid version of the theme so here i’ll focus on showing you the free version of the theme you can just google it and you can basically jump to this website and download the theme if you want you don’t have to pay anything and here is thelive demo of the theme you can see that it actually looks very slick very modernit’s got beautiful fresh colors as well and here is what a blog post.

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