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How to start affiliate marketing 3000$ per month

Introduction about Marketing:

In this affiliate marketing tutorial post I’m going to show you a $3,000 per month affiliate marketing strategy with this method you can start affiliate marketing today as soon as you finish this video and here are some of the results that I’m getting from this method my self personally I’m inside my affiliate marketing account.

I’m gonna show everything to show exactly what I do you can see that I’m getting regular sales of one hundred and thirty dollars per sale and they keep popping in pretty much every day.

All the tricks and information discuss in detail below:

I publish regular posts is dedicated to making money online affiliate marketing and blogging so make sure to subscribe just below this enable all notifications so you never miss my future video thanks and let’s get into the detail so they feel that program that I’m going to share with you today and that’s been working amazingly well for me he’s this side ground hosting affiliate program just in case you’re not familiar with side ground are you wondering what hosting is a very simple explanation of it is that everyone.

Who has a website needs to have a hosting account so that means that there are millions of people every single day who want to open a website for their business want to start a blog who may be just want to switch from their old hosting provider to a new hosting provider there are millions of people every single day looking for information about the best recommended hosting for their website and hosting services by really good money let’s take a look at the payouts so if you bring in between one to five sale per month then you will get $50 US per sale six to ten sales per month.

Seventy-five dollars per sale and 11 to 20 sales per month it’s 100 dollars per sale so the good thing is that of course if you want to be earning three thousand dollars a month or more you will be in this tier which is 21 or more sales and you get custom commissions if you bring high-volume they’ll bump you up to over $100 per sale that’s the tier that I’m on and making a sale is actually quite simple because the product sells itself you don’t have to convince anyone that they need to buy this it’s not like some herbal supplement or weight loss people know they need hosting and as soon as you’re able to provide them with information about a good hosting company like Site Ground there are other good companies as well but let’s just focus and here for a second as soon as you’re able to provide them with information.

They will make their own decision they’ll know that this is a very good hosting company and they’ll just sign up my conversion rates are really front of people who are looking for a hosting company and you need to send them by your affiliate link that I’m going to show you how to get from inside the Site Ground. a lot of tools there are really cool visuals I ‘m going to show you all that stuff is really good tracking affiliate support there are campaign tools custom landing pages there is basically a lot of information that you can use to close as many sales as possible so the nice thing about this is that if you want to start.

I feel that marketing then there are only these few things here on the screen that you need to worry about there areal ready people looking for hosting service alright you don’t need to sell them on it you just need to be in a place where they can find you they will click your affiliate link and you will get paid $100 or more per sale as long as you bring in over 11 sales per month once you are inside your affiliate account on side ground comm you will just need to look for this link it says default campaign and here is the link so if you take this link so that it’s copied into your clipboard.

That becomes the link via which you can send any one to buy site ground service so basically this becomes the link that if you share it somewhere somewhere online and I’m going to show you how to get tons of traffic to your link later on in this video if you share this link when ever some body clicks on this link they will go to the sad ground sales page they ‘ll be able to sign up and you’ll get the commission. so let’s see how this looks I’m just going to open that up in the incognito mode here on my computer and you will see that it lands on the sales page for site ground ok web hosting platform.

So let’s say that I am somebody who you’ve recommended this service to I’m gonna click on it Len here by these from this page and then you if you referred me you would get paid $100 that’s all it takes with side ground o k so step number one in all of this is for you to sign up the site ground affiliate program if you’re not a member yet then type inside ground affiliate program click here on Ophelia’s result and click this button join now then fill out all of the information and apply so that you can be accepted and you can start sharing your affiliate links that you can make the money some of you might be wondering if you can promote other affiliate programs.

Yes you definitely can so another hosting affiliate program that you can promote is Blue host Blue host also have good payouts that pay$65 per sign up and they do also offer increased rates if you bring inconsistent sales per month a lot of hosting companies offer a really good payout so you’re totally cool if you want to use other hosting services affiliate programs alright step number two is for you to create review or an opinion piece on this service ok.

I’m gonna show you an example of what I have done so this is where I send all of the traffic from the places I’m going to show you a bit later on in the video so don’t go anywhere I’m going to show you how to get the traffic but this is the page that’s going to do the selling for you so it’s hosted here on my blog you’re welcome to look at this and structure your page based on my opinion piece obviously can write your own you can even copy and paste I don’t really care that’s that’s totally cool if you guys want to do that as well and on my blog I made this post and what I’ve done is essentially I’ve targeted people who are looking for a good hosting company and I’ve just given my honest opinion on site ground hosting because I personally use side ground hosting.

So I write a piece about house which decide game hosting and how I really like site ground hosting and I’ve put the reasons and I called the post eight reasons why I switched my blog hosting I support reason 5 great loading times so I’ve shared all of this information which is 100% true and you know, I believe inside grounds so I was really happy to do this and give my opinion and sort of attach myself to the side ground brand all of these reasons are the reasons that people would actually or the things that people would want from a really good web hosting company.

So once somebody reads this they’re actually really get drawn in and they think wow this sounds like an amazing hosting company and they a lot of them will click the link see how I’ve got these links embedded in here these are all the affiliate links so we’ve got the link before from side ground dashboard I showed you how to do that so I’ve just inserted this link into the blog post like this okay so each of these is an affiliate link and if somebody clicks on this affiliate link then of course they go to that same sales page.

Where they can sign up so that’s all there really is to it you just need to have this kind of page on your blog and it will do the selling for you and I’m gonna show you now how to actually get the traffic to this page so that you can convert the traffic but before we do that let me show you something here the right comments that people have left and as you can see here we go so for information. when I make a move with hosting I’ll be sure to start the move with this provider okay.

So you can see that this kind of this opinion piece it really does a very very good job at actually selling you can obviously read it on my blog it’s just that’s hassle why I switched to side ground and you can try to sort of copy some of the things that I’ve done in here on your own review just in case you are not sure how to set up this blog and how to set up this page how to actually get started and get this sort of website going I’m going to put a link in the description just the lawyer so make sure to check the description it’s you can set up a website like this in 30 minutes 40 minutes sort of definitely under an hour if you’re a little bit slow and not experienced with WordPress and with blogging.

It only takes one hour to do this so I don ‘t want to do this here then this video will be like an hour long and that’s not the the purpose of today’s video so if you’re not sure howto set this up just check there’s going to be a card link somewhere here at the top and also a link in the description below okay come back to this once you’ actually set up your your website and your page and I’m going to show you if you’re not using red it you definitely should you can get a lot of traffic per minute and you can do a lot of marketing dd it now red it is kind of a little bit tricky because you can’t just go in and start selling you need to make sure that you interact with people and you give them useful information..

But ready to allow links as long as they’re not affiliate links as long as they go to your own blog which in my case is my own blog I will be sharing not a direct affiliate link but I will be sharing a link to my blog okay there’s a difference so on red it here let’s type in search that people might use to find some information about what the best those ting services or something like best hosting for example and there’s going to be lots of posts that you will see where people are searching for advice on what the best hosting hosting companies are look how many there are five days ago 25 one month ago 23 hours ago 24 days ago 23 days ago seven days ago the list just goes on and on and on and these are all posts from people.

Who’ve asked questions such as who is the best hosting company for a photography company okay or which is the best hosting program for niche websites there’s another one best hosting setup for a static business site best hosting for websites so people are constantly asking these questions and all of these requires here let’s take look at one of these requires all of these replies here are getting tons of views on an ongoing basis because people don’t just make posts on red it they actually search red it and then they will go through the answers that have been previously given let’s take a look at this other answer which is the best hosting program for niche websites.

If we open that up you can see someone says looking for grace great hosting for niche sites on WordPress etc etc and guess what there are already some people recommending ground he says some one says I use side ground for a long time now the only thing that they’re not doing is they’re not actually sharing their affiliate link in here so they’re missing out on sales okay but you can see there is somebody here saying for straightforward low traffic sites by web hosting dossier Amazon like trellis to the place disk.

So the people some people have provided their links okay and what your strategy is is basically to find answers here on red it and reply and put in a nice informative reply about the hosting company and then put in a link to your review so let me show you what a reply might look like so then what you would do is leave a comment here so right under here you can put in where it says where your thoughts you would put in something like this so I’ve just typed this up see it says I’ve been using for three years now I think the really good website is very fast we can say my website is very fast customer service is excellent live chat support is nearly instant tickets gets over 30 minutes so things don’t go wrong.

But if I need help with something support is great I made a post about that on my blog a while back so what I’m doing is just giving instead of just putting my link or putting my affiliate link what I’m doing is I’m giving a little bit of information to the person alright so that’s a high value reply and I’m then sending putting a link to my blog and then from my blog once people click through to that they will be able to click on the affiliate links here on my blog these ones here and they will be able to make the purchase so that’s the whole idea about it okay you’re not trying to make a sale straight away you’re trying to give some useful information and put a link to your review and the review will then do these selling and people will click on your links from your review and buy the hosting account.

Now a little word of warning or red it how to stay safe here is some so you have to be careful and you need to make sure that you abide by these rules here so here it says some lines for best practices you should not just start submitting your links it will be unwelcome and may be removed you should submit from a variety of sources so share links to different places not just to your your blog again it says the general rule of thumb is that 10% or less of your posting and conversation should link to your own content so for every link to your blog that you drop you need to also make other types of posts either link to other things or just make posts not linking to any thing to just have a conversation with people on red it and only 10% or less of your posts should be with links to your own blog like a self-serving self promotional link.

If you do those things right and if you stay safe you can get a lot of opportunities on Reddit to send people to your link to your review that will then do the selling convert it into affiliate sales foil after you’ve done all the results on red it for best hosting you can then start typing in other related searches and the opportunities here really are unlimited you can then start going for example for hosting for WordPress hosting fore-commerce hosting for blogs different types of hosting and there’s going to be lots and lots of results for each of these searches so there is lots opportunity alone now let’s move on to traffic source number two and traffic source number two is it is very very powerful I’m going to show you how to do query the safe way so your account does not actually get banned once again let’s start with the search term best hosting.

If we type in best hosting so this topic is very popular it would have had so so many views and probably is getting views on a regular basis from people so you can start adding your own answer on on these popular popular questions okay so you can go through each of these questions open it up and then give an answer now your answer each answer of course has to be different so you can ‘t just copy and paste the exact same answer everywhere.

But you will see hereon this post that people are including their affiliate links for example look at this one here so they’re saying Blue host is one top-notch web hosting provider etc etc etc so there’s an affiliate link it’s here it’s been here for a year and it has not gotten banned and you’ll see tons of answers like that over here and so just to show you that this is actually a Philly link if I right-click here on this copy link address and then paste this in here for you can see it’s blue slash track slash um oh my es mail alright so this is an affiliate link this track is the tracking link that will credit the cell to this person who’s posted the link so you can absolutely do this same thing.

But you will do it in an even safe way because your answer would just link back to your review instead of to an affiliate link so go through and type in various search terms here related to hosting such as hosting for WordPress best hosting for bloggers look for answers that seem popular that I’ve had a lot of views and a lot of attention on many questions the amount of views that they get is crazy for example this one here you can see that this answer has had four point nine thousand views this answer here would click more here has had let’s take a look well this one one hundred and sixteen views but basically there’s lots of them here.

That you ‘ll see that I’ve had thousands of use that’s potentially thousands of eye balls that you can send to your review like this and guess what this review converts really really well so what average for every hundred people that you this page here that come to my blog I get two sales okay I get two sales for every hundred people that are sent here so basically each click is worth about two dollars for me so two sales multiplied by a hundred dollars per sale and that by 100 visitors so it’s two dollars per visitor on average that visit this page that I end up making is it’s very very profitable you don’t need a lot of clicks to this page to actually make money so on to make sure that you’re safe you have to ensure that you answer is quite informative so see there are answers here that are not just one paragraph there are many here that are kind of like a mini blog post and on that’s what you have to do?

If you want to get traffic you have to write a good amount formation some useful points so check out the other posts the way that they have done it and model your post after their posts structure it in a similar way and that will ensure that you stay on the safe side all right there you have it that’s the recap so you’re gonna I’ve shown you how to find people who are already looking for hosting service they’re already gone to those places they’re going to read it they go in I’ve shown you how to insert your the link to your review and I’ve shown you how to create that review people from there will come onto your review page.

They will click the link and they will buy hosting and that’s how you get paid a hundred dollars or more per sale if you want to check out my free affiliate training.

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