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Start Blog in this niche and earn upto 1000$


In this Post I’m going to show you a profitable blog niche idea this niche is very simple to get into anyone without any special knowledge can start a successful blog in this niche I’m going to reveal to you a website in this niche that is probably making well over eight thousand dollars a month from this niche and I’m going to reveal to you some keywords on which you can write content right now that has got a keyword difficulty of literally zero and there are thousands of these keywords that you an use to start your profitable blog in this niche right now.

Income online so that you can have a better future for yourself and your family if you’re interested in starting a niche blog or a niche website then you need to make sure that the niche that you’re going to start your website in has got a great potential to make money that’s why when I help out beginner bloggers in my Facebook group I tell them of various ways of finding profitable niches and making sure that there is good money to be made in that niche and one of the ways that I recommend to the people in my group to start their research is to find income reports online of other successful bloggers.


Some people who own niche websites share their results online and that’s how I managed to come across this lady who runs the blog called the flooring girl calm that’s the domain so she published an income report in November 2017 for her blog and she reported them in in October 2017 she made $2,000 from her blog so here we can see that for her passive income results she’s put down affiliate sales nine hundred and three dollars and vast majority of it came from the Amazon affiliate program and then she also put down at revenue one thousand dollars and ninety well one thousand and ninety five dollars and most of that came from the money metric ad network.

Which basically manages the absence on the side so I can see from here that total passive income is $2,000 and this blog is I guess in a niche that probably most of you have never even thought of entering it’s in the flooring niche and if we look at the homepage of the blog there is nothing super complicated about it and there are sections that talk about flowing blog effect use cleaning and supplies pets and flooring painting etc now of course this report is from October 2017 so it’s a little bit old it’s over two years old and if we look at extra income reports category on her site they this is the most recent income report that she actually published is stop publishing them in October 2017.

So I have investigated this website in ahrefs to see how this website has progressed and how much money could it be making now so when I look at the stats for this website the Florin girl calm in the edge Rev stool I can see that this website is currently ranking for ninety four point four thousand various organic keywords so that’s amazing that’s a huge volume and organic traffic at the moment is noted as eighty three point four thousand now usually.

I know that this figure is understated so most likely this website is getting probably closer to two hundred thousand visitors per month that would be my guess based on my experience but we never know of course this is all just an estimate I can also see that the traffic on this website has grown a lot so in October 2017 it was getting approximately twenty five thousand page views so we can see the historic data here in age revs and if I go to the past few months I can see that around October 2019 is getting close to a hundred thousand visitors.

Now there are these Peaks and that’s because of the summer season in Europe and in the US there are normally you know these peaks and then during winter the traffic kinda drops off because people spend less time on renovations and various things like that so we know that roughly this website now is getting a hundred thousand and it used to be getting about twenty five thousand so basically the traffic has grown about four times it’sin Korea about 300 percent or you know it’s four times higher now that what it was in October 2017.

This website has got to be making at least eight thousand dollars per month if we hold all of our assumptions true and the revenue per visitor stays about the same now guys I want to draw your attention to something this website makes its income from affiliate sales and ad revenue this is 100% passive okay so you just link via your affiliate link from the blog posts to Amazon and you also have these ads on the website and you don’t need to do anything else everything else is passive the traffic comes they click on the links they click on the ads and you get paid the money if we look at some of the blog posts you don’t need to be a specialist to write this kind of contact you don’t need to be a doctor you don’t need to be a lawyer you don’t need to have a qualification in finance or anything like that anybody yourself included can start a blog in this niche because the content.

Is not extremely complicated it’s just personal experience and just some steps about how to do different things with fleurs reviews of various flooring covers and so on and you can see that the way that this content is monetized of course we’ve got ads on the right-hand side but also throughout the article.

Hardwood floors best steam mop for tile floors etc and these links if you click on them they will take you to Amazon and of course if somebody buys something through this link then the owner of this website will get paid a commission from Amazon for referring the sale that’s how this is monetized and the income as we saw from the income report it’s split about 50/50 between ads and affiliate commissions.

So that is pretty cool but yeah the modern monetization strategy for this kind of website is really really simple all right now let’s take a look at some of the keywords that this website is ranking for so you can see that eighty four thousand keywords here this is what this website is currently ranking for according to H refs and out of eighty four thousand keywords if I filter only four simple keywords that a starter website so if you start a website.


Today difficulty to maximum seven so let’s hit apply and you will see that thirty seven thousand out of eighty four thousand keywords are actually simple keywords because the majority of the keywords for this website are very simple to rank for and you can certainly there is just there are thousands and thousands of extremely simple keywords I can even take the keyword difficult down to one and there will still be thousands of keywords so there are 14,000 keywords where basically there is absolutely zero competition and you can write content on these keywords and some of you might be thinking well.

Now everybody’s gonna start a website dedicated to flooring but guess what there are fourteen thousand different keywords so even if ten people who watch this video end up studying website in this niche it’s not going to be overcrowded because there are fourteen thousand different keywords that are insanely simple so there’s enough search volume of traffic for everybody okay so let’s say you have decided that maybe this is a good niche and maybe you’re interested in starting a blog.

In it the thing that you might bethinking about is how do I create the content what sort of information do I need to put on there what kind of images so let me take you through that for example let’s analyze this keyword here dark hardwood floors so the search volume is two thousand which is pretty huge keyword difficulty is one which is very low and if we look.

Which basically means that there is very very little competition if you create a good quality article even as a newbie website you should be able to start ranking for this let’s look at how the fluorine structure their content so they write a type articles they just say 11 exquisite floors to transform your home now what they will do is they will basically write an introduction saying that dark hardwood floors are very popular and then they will put the information about this dark hard wood floors and some of the designs.

So you can see here there are some pictures of the hardwood floors and then some tips for choosing the floors there’s gloss levels etc and then there are the actual designs that are shown inhere as well OK so then you can see the pictures with the designs here so it’s a fairly simple article to reproduce but the question might be how do you actually come up with the pictures I’m going to show you I’m gonna give you a tip on how to find all these pictures for free.


What you would do is you would go into images and then choose settings and then go advanced search and then under usage rights here I choose free to use share or modify even commercially and hit advanced search now what you will see here is all of the photos that have got a license that are attached to them which allows you to use these photos on your website and you can even modify them as well because we have selected this filter which basically, pull up only the images that have got that permission and you can see that there are a lot of these images are on sites like pixels for example so pixels is a website that has got a lot of images of various types that you can use even on your website.

You can use the commercial in your project so you can type in here hardwood floor and let’s see what kind of floors will actually come up here okay so we’ve got all of these hardwood floors images that we can download from here so you might just need to register you can download it and you can use it on your website any way that you want and that’s exactly how you’re able to create that kind of content which you can see hereon the flooring girl comm website which allows you to you know you would just create a collage sort of thing of these images and that’s it there you go you’ve got.

Your content you’ve got all of your images set up that you can just use like this well now that you know that this niche is awesome and has got the potential to make you six figures per year you might be thinking how do you actually set up the blog well for that you can check the description below this video I’ve got several videos that I’ve put links to from my blog that are completely free to you for you to watch and you can follow them.

Step-by-step to set up your website from scratch if you do want to check out my training course that comes with the mentor ship program then check the links in the description below it’s on a thirty five percent discount right now my course includes super detailed training about 50 videos how to set up your website how to get traffic to it and also includes access to the exclusive Facebook group it’s a mentor ship group we can ask me questions.

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