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I spent 2 hour for this survery|Earn money online

Introduction about the survey:

Hi everyone in today’s post, I decided to do online surveys for money I actually sat down and spent a good chunk of the day trying to make money online doing surveys after all as you might know it’s a pretty hot topic.

Try to make some money myself doing surveys online. I did actually get some results so I’m going to show you that a little bit later on in the video so just make sure you don’t skip any parts because there’s a lot of cool things that I found that I want to share with you throughout this process.

All the topics and detail are discuss below:

Let’s go and make some money with surveys alright so here I am logged into super paid me and as you can see I’ve already got 20 cents in my cash balance they have given me these 20 cents for nothing basically just for registering and becoming a member. So I think I’ll bank that the first thing that I see is there are quite a lot of options here at the top it says paid service and then there’s a bunch of stuff underneath there are offer walls so I’m going to take a look at the help file just to understand how all of these works so here’s a pretty good explanation for paid surveys.

There are hundreds of new surveys available each day let’s see if they actually work and if they actually pay that’s what the test is about so it says read all questions carefully in short also as I completed and fool with genuine information okay so free paid surveys is where you can make the actual money then there is also pay trials and offers.

So I can take some offers via the offer walls and then you need to ensure that you’re credited and to do that you need to follow certain instructions so that’s probably signing up for various free trials of products I am probably less interested in that you can also watch videos about it so you will find our video sections under the earn money tab. Okay so then additional meters can be found on our offer walls cool cool so I think the one that I’m going to focus on the most it’s going to be the free paid service, because I just want to get paid money into my PayPal the other thing that I’ve noticed they’ve actually got this cool thing here sites.

So let’s get into it shall we so let’s try and do some of these free paid surveys let’s check out daily paid surveys and see how that works. What I can see there are different amounts of 1:10 for server 85 cents 50 cents 80 cents so I’m gonna go for the one up here that pays dollar 10 there’s some more that power of a dollar as well but I’m just gonna try this one here that’s 110 so now I’m getting redirected somewhere let’s see how all this works okay so it says email and then I need to enter my date of birth so I’m just gonna fill all that out and then click register and we’ll continue all right.

So I’ve entered my details now it’s just sending me the activation link so it looks like you need to do that in order to get your account activated and start completing the survey I did get this activation email soft click the link to verify so now it’s allowing me to go ahead and start filling out my details so that they can sort of pre qualify me I guess so I’m getting asked a bunch of questions such as we need to check your paying attention please type your favorite color in the box below.

I wonder how they’re gonna check out that’s right so I had to go through a few different qualification questions beforehand it took about 2 minutes they’re asking me some of the same questions but with a different header let’s go ahead and do that as well okay so now I’ve actually got to something that looks like the service that is that’s cool in a few minutes I managed to get through so just tell me the love that I’ve gone through a few hoops for the first survey.

I wasn’t out of the target demographic which is fine I’m just going through a qualification for another one so it looks like I might have made it in because that actually now says survey progress 8% so let’s do this okay so just a little update I’ve ended up I think I’m going through the here it’s about ended up getting a survey about IT security which is applicable to me because I used IT security in my business and there are some complicated questions but nothing sort of too crazy so if I you just do need to think through them so I’ve been at this for about ten minutes.

So if I according to my time tracker so let’s see how I go I’ll give you an update in a sec alright so that was a bit of a mission I’ve been at it for fifteen minutes okay and it says to me success congratulations / hard work your quality score was just increased by five so I think this is good news so let’s see I’m just gonna wait a little bit here because previously in the instructions that told me to wait so I’m gonna wait here before I do anything and then we’ll see if I should make money that’s our puppy rocky he was crying because my wife left hey guess what look at these cash ballots 1:30.

SO we go history here there we go so I made one dollar and ten cents that’s awesome this stuff actually works and I also am doing this tracking sheet so this server that was worth 110 I started at 2:35 p.m. finished at 257 p.m.

Okay 22 minutes it took to make $1.00 in 10 cents so that’s not bad fora start let’s see how much more money we can make shall we so looks like this one dollar and ten cents is still open to me but I just want to try something different let’s try to see how quickly.

We can do this one worth thirty five cents for something different alright let’s go let’s try this one I guess I had to fill out first page of just basic qualification information my postcode etc and now it’s just asking me to enter some more stuff what’s your job title etc so I’m going to go ahead and do that so looks like I’ve qualified as well I’m just gonna enter a few more things here in to this particular panel or this particular company that I’m potentially going to be doing surveys for and let’s see where it takes me.

So I think I mean it says we’ve selected the following survey for you so let’s do this for 35 cents okay so it looks like I made it in for some kind of a small business survey says about 15 minutes to complete so let’s see how long that actually takes me so guys I’ve gone through this kind of thing a few times unfortunately and all of these for 35 cents I’ve just been getting knocked back I think and these screening stages.

I thought I was in but then it kind of keeps knocking me out so I spent about 20 minutes trying to get in so I’m gonna piss for another ten minutes or so I tried to get qualified for one of these simple surveys and then see how we go all right guys finally I think I made it in.

So I’m doing some kind of a survey about alcohol so let me see how I go all right done survey completed redirecting so let’s see if I get credited for this is looking promising I can also see that my quality score is 101 which is excellent and it says you will get paid through favorite websites so I’m going to keep this page open for a little bit and let’s see how we went on time so here is what happened for qualifying I spent about 15 minutes trying to get qualified and then after I finally qualified I had a little bit of a break here and then find out that I got qualified for this 35 cent survey.

I spent 17 minutes doing it and hopefully I’ll get credit at these 35 cents so if I it’s looking like maybe I’m better off sticking to this service that pay a little bit more because I only spent 22 minutes on that one including qualifying and I made $1.00 in 10 which already got credited this one was almost the same amount of time plus qualification period so it was like 32 minutes total and I stating to make 35 cents so next survey that I’m gonna do is gonna be a definitely a higher priced one all right and look at that our cash balance has gone to 165 which is pretty cool.

Next one that we’re gonna do is going to be a higher paid one and actually if you look here in this kind of live feed you can see. Completed this survey worth 35 cents, so to me guys this actually seems to be legit you know all of these people completing and getting paid this is looking very legitimate and I can see that now this has gone up to eight hundred and fifty three dollars so why it’s looking all good you know everything is adding up I’m actually my survey completion also is coming up in here so all looking pretty good so let’s go back to these daily paid surveys area and let’s try to find another one that pays over $1 to maximize our earnings per hour so the best one that I managed to find is this one super you know route the dollar 30 payouts and let’s try to do this one alright guys.

So we’restarting this one at 1550 we’re gone for dole of 30 and good luck to me so far I’ve got all of these standards sort of things and questions so it looks like I’m being profiled again which is all good this is a pretty easy one that’s one of my favorite questions so far they also ask you a bunch of questions like these in qualifications sometimes we repeat questions to ensure quality and then it says service can contain repeated questions so basically they want to make sure that you’re awaking you not just clicking whatever that you’re actually paying attention I think I mean I’ve gone through the qualification questions I’m actually not entirely sure if this is already the survey or still the clarification or qualification are a here.


So I’m just gonna go through this I’ll resume the video once I know what is happening this survey seems to be on aged care so if this is a survey if I’m actually in rating maybe this is still qualification and yeah so it’s all about sort of providing or arranging care for your seniors which is the case with my mom who is 73 I provide care for her so I’m just filling this out and then we’ll see how we go all right I actually got bumped out of that one it was still qualification so I’m still working through this trying to get into a survey unfortunately I’ve lost my internet connection guys so I’m gonna have to reset the time out once the connection is back up.

I got bumped out of the survey because of that I tried to get into this survey for 1:30 again but it gave me an error message this one here and it told me that I can’t because I was in a hurry and you know basically because I was the internet it’s recorded that I’ve done something wrong so I can’t do this one anymore so I’m just gonna try to do another one one ten time to have a t chill and get into the new one oh okay don’t know what that air is but it looks like it’s not working so let’s do something else okay so let’s try this one here for the dollar twenty let’s see if that one works.

I’m having issues getting into the other two surveys that are paying quite a lot so I’m gonna give this one a try the one that says one dollar and let’s see how we go with this one hey guys so just a quick update here I’ve been doing this survey for the last ten minutes I think also and looks like this is an actual survey because they’re asking me a bunch of questions that I’m sort of progressing there is this bar at the top so I’m gonna give you an update shortly this is looking good.

I think I’m actually gonna get paid this time all right I’ve actually managed to complete this survey so they’re asking me to rate your experience which i think was pretty good and let’s see how much I get paid soon again I’m seeing this message saying success for your hard work your quality score was just increased by five so it looks like everything is okay let’s just see if we’ve actually got the credit in the account and we can now see that here it says balance now is 265 so if we look at the history of it we can see the credit in our account for one dollar which was this your service unlimited server real-time and we can also see it once again here in this feed no 697 has completed.

If we look at the history that’s come from three surveys one of them paid me a dollar ten another paid thirty five cents and another one paid me $1 exact so let’s go to my tracking sheet and here is what happened today so I did one survey it took me only 22 minutes to get the first survey done so it was one dollar and ten cents then I spent a little bit of trying to get qualified for a survey and then I ended up qualifying for it I made thirty five cents in a matter of seventeen minutes.

So as you can see it was actually much better use of my time doing a higher paid survey the one that paid all the ten in terms of the amount of money made per hour then I actually ended up qualifying for a survey but I lost the internet so I got kicked off so I’m not going to count the time that I actually spent on it and then the very last survey that I did that where I made one dollar that took me twenty five minutes I got qualified pretty quickly for it and in 25 minutes I made that one dollar which I got credited.

So total is 245 now it’s 265 here because they actually gave me a sign up bonus here on super paid not me so what are my thoughts after doing all of this well it’s actually gone better than what I expected I expected that I’m never going to get qualified that I won’t do any surveys at all and I won’t actually get credit at any amounts of money now from these guys I’ve actually given them my PayPal ID.

So I can withdraw the money any time just straight into my PayPal account the minimum payout is $1 I’m not associated with them by the way.

I’m not promoting super pay me I’m just doing these for education purposes or for entertainment purposes I guess be you guys and I think that if you want to give this a go this is not a bad way to maybe make a few bucks on the site I know that a lot of people who try for example to start an online business are struggling to make money to buy their domain or to buy their hosting this could be a way you know if you spent a day doing this.

If you spent the day like doing some of the higher paid service you could probably make enough money to buy domain and hosting free and that could be enough for somebody to start their online business you know if you’re in a situation where you don’t have any money or you prefer not to spend your own savings.

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