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Instagram theme page|How to get Instagram followers

Ah that’s good i’m ready to record again. So there’s three types of pages on Instagram you have the personal page you have the business page and also you have the theme page the occasional. It’s more in location actually i’m making this video because you wanted to know what a team page is and you know what you’ve got it you’ll learn not only what the team page is but also how to grow it and how to make money on office everything that no other Instagram account owner or agency owner wants to know and probably might die after and i wouldn’t be surprised if something happens to me.

Basic points for theme page:

Actually how do you grow a team page so the first thing is what is a team page a team page is actually a page that has some themes a niche and it kind of looks like this if we type in motivation on Instagram there’s a bunch of pages like motivational Mondays this page has 1 million followers and all it does is just post stock images with a quote on it but if you deem amit or somewhere.

Tips for getting followers rapidly:

They’ll be asking for hundreds of dollars from just a shout out there’s also pages like this foodies 9 million followers all they do is share stuff like this and create videos as you can see here so they always have a niche a team that’s why they call the team page but again how do you actually build a page like this then you can learn how to make money off it the first way is the easiest way is to grab my freezer thank you followers guide it’s available.

It’s still free in description down below it’s 11 pages of knowledge but the simplest way is re posting other people’s content i have a video on it you can see it in the cards above i also have a video on howto grow from zero thank you followers also in the cards above but basically re posting content is using other people’s content and an app called re post or any other app that’s free app highest paid debate.

Whether, or not it works yes it does work especially if when you’re starting out from scratch you probably need three or four thousand followers before you even start ranking on the explore page and on hashtags which is where you get your organic followers from so follow and follow it works.

I have a bunch of videos on my channel about it so you can check them out and another way that you should probably consider is growing with hashtags i just finished the video on how to grow with hashtags but if you don’t want to learn it then you just want to buy hashtags for 99 cents there’s a link in the description so you grow it organically follow and follow re posting using the right hashtags that’s the way to do it the first way is actually sponsorship’s this is how a majority of the team pages make money they rely on sponsorship’s.

They will charge anything from a dollar up to i managed to get a page with five million followers for seven hundred dollars for a promo story caption shout out and post chat at once and you can probably get even better deals sometimes you can negotiate withe-commerce shops or business owners uh deals where they’ll pay you x amount of money for x amount of posts actually these are the deals where you make the most money.

I’m talking from the perspective of someone who buys shout outs from pages and i can also tell you that having your own product which is actually the second way of monetizing your team page is actually the best way if someone is willing to buy media space on your Instagram page by story by caption shout out by post shout out it probably means that this person might be getting his money back either now or through the impressions down the road on his back and the backing structure that he built.

So if you are actually selling your own product like the person advertising on your page or doing the sponsorship or paying for the sponsorship on your page you a hundred percent of the margin 100 of the money that’s made through your audience you can do that ina lot of ways like just building a shopify drop shipping store drop servicing store selling an e book i have a whole video on it there’s so many countless ways the idea of the channel is to help you outwith all of them and the third way it’s going to be very interesting it’s internal monetization.

It’s something that we’re waiting to come out as of September 2020 we have no confirmation when it will come out but building a team page now one of the best things you can start we even heard that team page got sold up for 85 million dollars it was a meme basically sold to warner music or something i’m not sure uh but yeah there’s very big moves going on and team pages go for around 10 dollars per view follower so if you have a team page with a million followers.

It can go for 10 grand plus depending on how active your followers are how much money it’s making currently and so on if this video helped you out again make sure you give it a like i really spend a lot of time into creating these videos we you get over one video sometimes two or three videos a day we have a big team here three people two editors and me working on providing you with this value so subscribe if you’re interested in growing on Instagram remember that video that keeps the doctor away by the end of this post make sure you check one of these videos out there remember that this is not financial medical advice your own due diligence. i’ll actually choose the post on the bottom see next one bye good luck.

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