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Basically, test the functionality of Websites and mobile apps for various phones, okay so what you will be required to do is visit a website or use an app and Complete a certain set of tasks You will need to speak your thoughts out loud As you are visiting the website and you will get paid ten dollars for doing that, How long does it actually take to do a test typically under 20 minutes so you can see here?

Absolutely is It has been covered numerous times in various Publications which have very high credibility. For example, New York Times Post Wall Street Journal and There are over 700,000 tests that have already been undertaken and you can see the kind of companies that work with the Zendesk Facebook Microsoft and so on You actually do not need a lot to get started virtually. Nothing. You need to be at least 18 years old and you? Need be able to speak some English.

So you do not need to be a native English speaker. You just need to be Able to express your thoughts in English Okay, and the kind of tasks that these guys? Specialize in when I signed up. I was given a task to find a map in the museum website okay, so it was a particular Museum in the United States and they asked me to Find a map Starting from the homepage find a map of that museum and then the second part of the task was to find the opening hours.

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Then I had to give my feedback whether it was hard or easy to Find that particular map and for me to find the visiting hours and the days that the what museum was open and closed So it’s super simple guys. It can’t really get much simpler than that and obviously when you take $10 for a 20 minute video, you know If you calculate that into the hourly rate, you can make approximately $30 an hour for an hour of your time So that’s really good.

All you need is just PC or Mac with internet connection You need to download the testing software and you need to be able to speak your thoughts in English How do you actually get paid? Well, they pay by PayPal. So you get paid seven days after you complete your Video and then it gets uploaded to their website Another good thing.

Is that as you know Sometimes the certain sites are limited to only residents of particular countries. Does not have those limitations they accept look I haven’t checked obviously every single country but you can see that in Africa Middle East and India, there are a ton of countries that they work with Asia Pacific a Lot of countries here, okay Europe tons of countries in Europe, so virtually almost any country on the planet If as long as you speak some English and you’ve got a basic computer setup at home, you can sign up with and You’re able to work.

The signup process was actually quick and easy when, I did that you will need to do a simple test then it gets sent off and in a couple of days they get back to you and they approve you and then You know provided that you did a pretty good with that sample thought so just make sure when you actually sign up You you do a good job with that initial sample task it took me about seven minutes for that simple task.

You will need to enter your email address and you will be able to sign up as a tester from there Alright, so hopefully you found this useful. Let’s move on to the next website Guys the second website is testing time so you can go to testing time just by typing in testing time calm into your browser and You will get to this site so as you can see here, it says we recruit test users for usability test focus groups interviews surveys and more and as long as you Click here at the top, right?

You can click become a test user and that Will take you to this page with all of the information about how much money you can make in so forth So I actually couldn’t believe this when I saw this the first time as you can see it says earn up to fifty euros per hour So that’s quite a lot, you know if you convert it to dollars that’ll be what like sixty seventy dollars and now something like that and What they do is they allow you to test products at home via Skype or on site with the customers so then you can enter your name here and email and you can sign up and a little bit of information about this.

If you’re kind of considering whether it’s for you and not So basically you’ll get up to fifty dollars or fifty euro per study What you’ll need to do is you will get first access to new apps and websites and you will share your experience to make those services and websites better And typical study takes around 30 to 90 minutes. It says here. So 50 euro for that kind of time is actually really really good So you will need to sign up with testing time.

After You sign up you will be given certain test jobs you will need to accept those test jobs and then you just do the Carry out that testing and then you will get paid so they create date and time you will participate in a guided user building tests It will be either with client in person or via Skype All right And once completed you will get paid within 10 days so you can see that this is a very legitimate website as well They work with, I don’t really I’m not familiar with the other companies But you know, I’m familiar with Deloitte the new.

So clearly this is a very well established trustworthy website so there are a few fa Q’s here and in terms of You can go through as you’re signing up, you know if you have any questions But this definitely is another great website to sign up to Obviously the work will not be regular but that’s why you sign up to a few of these types of websites if you’re going to be Working a few hours a day or even a full working day you sign up to a few different websites and then you can manage your own work and complete it as.

You have time so now let’s have a look at the next website so the third site we’re going to be talking about is Respondent dot IO and that’s another website where you can make money online pretty fast just type in respondent dot IO into your browser and you’ll get to this page and then you will need to Select this option if you want to sign up for it. So if you click for respondents.

It says get paid for participating in research studies, and then you go ahead and click sign up I’ve gone ahead and signed up just to show you guys the type of work that’s available So you will need to go through qualification not qualification. Sorry rather Questionnaire, so as you sign up, you know, they’ll ask you obviously where you leave your age and so on what kind of experience.

You’ve got what sort of industries you’re interested in and what sort of interest industries you’ve got background in and then after that I’ve just And I answered everything as per my my background and what I’ve done before in the corporate world as well as what I’m doing now and here are the Sort of opportunities that are available to me. I mean, I think that’s pretty awesome. It says $60 for 30 minutes of work. It says looking for Australian nationals to discuss their experience with banking.

OK so 60 bucks for 30 minutes, that’s really nice There are a few other ones that I probably wouldn’t go for site reliability Engineers. I mean we can have a look at those obviously as well and just get a little bit more detail about those But another interesting one that caught my eye for example, was this one do you use internet banking $45 for 30 minutes? It says one on one It’s a research platform for people who want to see share experience with us both the good and the bad and we can help you Bank to build financial products with you in mind.

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