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Instagram hashtag research 2020

Growing on Instagram organically in 2020 is it possible and now targets because, of the right hashtag so in this video you’ll learn how to find the right hashtags and my exact process to find quality hashtags or how you can get them instantly if you don’t want to find them yourself based on their average likes and your ability your potential to rank on them which is even more important.

What is hashtag research:

So grab a cup of coffee sit down relax and listen first of all if you don’t want to search for hashtags yourself you can just purchase hashtags from my agency for starting from 99 cents there’s a link in description but if you want to search for it there’s two ways free and a paid way basically based on what you want to use it to or not so the free way to actually use Instagram just go and search for different hashtags.

For example you can type in motivation and then you can find a hashtag like motivation but if you check here most of the pages probably have thousands you see that thousands of likes what you want to do is normally before here you’d have different ideas of hazard but now you got to find it like this i would go and hack it with let’s pause for example uh motivation nation four hundred thousand posts.

Search intagram hashtag:

I would bet some of them don’t really have uh thousands of likes as you can see here this doesn’t have a thousand flags but it’s probably getting a good amount of reach and you can basically want to get two 300 hashtags that you can circle around on your post there’s a better way though and i’ll show you it on my screen right here you go on this website called flick i’m using the paid version it only costs a few dollars is have not the group view i’d like to have the table view not the graph to see the table it’s really easy to understand.

I was shadow banned for a while i was getting less than 100 but let’s say that for to be sure i’ll rank i’ll just post between 100 and 500 likes and when i do that you can see here it will refresh you have the potential reach but you can also see the average lags if you want to sort it by potential reach this is the best practice actually you see the average league reach and the lowest average like start from here

This is a very good hashtag work has a lot of posts not a lot of average comments not a lot of average likes but the potential reach is really really good competition is high okay but the average likes are not so basically like this would go ahead select a bunch of hashtags save it to your list that’s it that’s how easy it is this is an obs tutorial.

I told you that and we only need a few minutes to explain it so again if you appreciate me making awesome wholesome videos like this give this video a like and subscribe if you’re new remember that video day keeps the doctor away this is no financial medical advice and by the end of this video make sure you check one of these videos out see you next one bye.>>>>

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