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1000 Best sad shayari in english / hindi

sad shayari in english

sad shayari in english> Whatever the reasons, love, life or friends, sometimes we feel very sad. Friends, there is definitely a moment in the life of all of us when we are going through a very sad time. Sometimes the misery of getting separated from someone, sometimes the misery of losing something, sometimes the grief of someone’s memory, some grief we are always facing. very sad shayari.

Many times we get upset or sad and think why do we get all the sorrows after all? But do you know that there is no person in the world who does not have any sorrow. However, it is a different matter that some people keep thinking about their grief and make themselves more sad.

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        Very Sad Shayari in English

More You Love People,
More they will hurt you

Things that are bad
Always taste nice
Remember that

In whose memory we became crazy,
He became insulted from us.
Maybe they are looking for a new friend now,
Because in his eyes we are old now.

Dilwale, we were also in love
The destiny itself was like this, he was heartbroken by a betrayal.

O Pagli thinks he broke my heart
She did not know that I won the heart of thousands by expressing the same pain

All girls are the same
Then Shut Up &
Date one

I love rumors
I always find
Out amazing Things
About Myself
I never knew

I don’t hurt people
With a lie
I just f**k them
With a truth

Finding friends
With the same
Mental disorder
Is priceless

When you truly
Love someone,
Their name itself
Becomes an emotion

If you trust someone
Else more than yourself
You will be the biggest


When the Nice
Guy losses his
Patience the devil

Without her you
Are still breathing
& still alive

Tum iss sheher ki
Rivaayat se anjan
Ho dost, yaha yad
Rehne ke liye yaad
Dilana padta hai

Little do you know
How I’m breaking
While you fall asleep.
Little do you know
I’m still haunted by
The memories

Everyone gets tired
Of me at some point,
Then eventually they’ll
Leave. They all do.

If you have a problem
With me don’t tell the
Tell me and finish it with me

One bad chapter
Doesn’t mean your
Life is over don’t quit

I prefer dangerous
Freedom over peaceful

May be your
I love you was
Made in china

You will never know
The power of yourself
Until someone hurts
You badly

Some people need
To open their small
Minds instead of their
Big mouths

Bad relationship
Changes good people

Don’t believe anyone
People can change anytime

She put me through
Hell, I called it love.

Tears come from the heart
not from the brain

Death is not the greatest
loss in life
the greatest loss is
what dies inside us while we live

Ex: Hey! I miss you
Me: Can’t talk I’m at the funeral
Ex: OMG! who died?
Me: My feelings for you

dear Mario, I wasted my childhood
trying to save your girlfriend
Now, you help me to save mine

I was born without you
I can F**king live without you

I don’t chase anyone anymore
wanna walk out of my life
here’s the door. Hell, even I’ll hold it for you

Unke Andar Kabhi Dekho To jara 
kaise Rote Hain Tanhai Me
dusro Ko khush rakhne Wale.

Bade Aaram Se Wo Chod Gaye Mujhe
Paani Bana Ke Aakho Se Gira Gaye Mujhe
Aakhhir Ye Pyar Tha Ya Fareb Tha
Zindagi Dikhakar Bich Raho Me Chod Gaye Mujhe

Remember all the things that are now
Familiar that were once strange

The person who tries to keep
Everyone happy often ends up the
Feeling the loneliest

When you cry so much,
It makes you realize that
Breathing is hard

The saddest thing is when you are
Feeling real down,you look around
And Realize that there is no shoulder for you

Dear moon
Half or Full
You are always beautiful

Believe what your heart tells you,
Not what others say

If they come back to you
Don’t forget how they left

My Sadness turns into anger and
That’s one of my worst toxic traits I

Just because someone is strong
Enough to handle pain doesn’t mean they deserve it

We all ignore micro happiness
In pursuit of macro happiness

Never love anyone
If you don’t, don’t deny
Walk on his path
Otherwise do not waste anyone’s life

As soon as I take the name from Zamban,
Tears spill through my eyes…
Sometimes used to talk thousands …
Today we get craved for one thing…

Jodia becomes an imposter; she laughs; the same person gives a happy moment, and a stranger spends a lifetime.

You will not be able to forget by forgetting us, Humbas will be able to fulfill this promise, we will give ourselves from where we will not be able to erase the name of your heart.

In this era we have become so infamous
You will find women to forget us.

Do not look at pain from the point of view of pain,
Pain also hurts.
Pain also needs love,
After all, there is pain in love, it hurts.

People say that we can see a mirror from time to time.

The instigation of such infidelity has also earned a bad name
He charged such a price for his love, he also auctioned our meaning.

I’m the type of girl who could have tears streaming
Down my face & still insist that everything is fine

It hurts when you realize you aren’t as important
To someone as you thought you are were

I am a god enough person to forgive you
But not stupid enough to trust you again

I didn’t lose you,
you lost me.
you will search for me inside of everyone
You’re with and won’t be found

sometimes, all you can do is lie in bed,
And hope to fall asleep before you fall apart

Never allow someone to be your priority
While allowing
yourself to be their option

You HATE me
But who are you?

People who Don’t know me
Think I”M still the same

Nothing wrong with this world,
Something wrong with Humans

OHH Honey, LIFE is a full of mistakes,
And YOU are the biggest one

You think you know people
But Then they Surprise you

Don’t cry for the person
Make that
Person cry. SIMPLE

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