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1000 best sad poetry in English & Urdu 2020

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sad poetry in urdu
sad poetry in english/ urdu sad poetry >Many peoples like to read sad poetry in urdu. Sad poetry is a way to express your feelings of sorrow and sadness. The sadness and sorrows are part of life which every person experiences in his daily life. The best part of expressing your true sad feelings is that you listen, read or share sad poetry.aj ki achi baat 25-01-2020,sad poetry images and pics
Almost every poetry lover has a special collection of sad poetry.  In life, moments of grief come and go. But it depends on us how we handle our tragic circumstances. Some people keep themselves engaged in darkness and loneliness to overcome their sadness. Some people get relief in sadness poetry in urdu.
This is a contrary process that when you feel unhappy. You can read or write sad poetry and let others feel the same way. Making sad poetry in Urdu is considered a great medium for expressing our emotions to the world. The best way to express your grief is in your language. Urdu Sad Poetry Pictures provide you with the right direction to penalize your feelings and thoughts in simple words. Sad Poetry in Urdu is a platform that talks to your emotional saga and gives you relief in your obstacles too.

Sad Urdu poetry

Sad Urdu poetry
sad poetry in urdu

The thunderstorms of your memories:
Quiver the ground of my heart virtually;
It never set me free to live independently,
From the cage, where I am living for centuries.

I neither of can hide and escape:
Myself from its flow ;
Which is running under-mine!
It all the time makes me feel very low.

My soul gets writhe in the longing of the past days
But my heart and brain don’t want mercy pays:
Somehow, I know I have nothing certainly,
But the memories for spending my life lonely.

I cried today

I cried today
I cried today, I can’t tell you why
This pain that I bare i’ll have till I die
My eyes they sting, my vision is a blur
Oh what I’d give to find an eternal cure
At night I think how is this fair
I feel I’m here only because I’m told that they care
But when I’m down I feel so alone
Even in this house, I think it’s called home
And when the night falls, I lay in my bed,
With no one beside me, just the thoughts in my head
I will for a day that that this torture would end,
That I would wake and not have to pretend
My past it still haunts me, my present is the same,
What future can I have, all I do seems in vain
But i’ll pick myself up, i’ll continue this role
these thoughts won’t define me,
i’ll play the starring role

Lover’s Commitment | English Poems

I can say i love you in so many ways
But none is clearer than committing my days
To the one who is dearest and closest to my heart
On this day i promise you that we will never part

Gone Forever

The good times are gone, and all that I am left to do is mourn
I’ve never felt this lost while the time passes by,
as it tells me of what all love I’ve lost just to make me cry.
I live in a world now, where i mean nothing to the people i meet
and to those whom I meant something, are far away in the sky
leaving me as nothing but a deadbeat.
Even these words I slept and woke up with, are no longer mine
these thoughts that I scribble, they think, are no longer divine.
even with my eyes closed, to me, all my regrets and and guilts are exposed.
“I am wrong, I am wrong”, this is all
I’ve known about me, all lifelong.
And these things ain’t ever going to change
so as long, as long, you, my beloved are gone.


All of life is a dream
Dreams within dreams feign reality
Loneliness is reality
Hurting is reality
All else is dreams within dreams within dreams
All else is a fleeting flash of light
In a fathomless dark chasm

I serve a sentence without end
For a crime without reason
I follow the night in chains
Wherever it may lead
Treading through pools of blood
Raging rivers of tears to forefend

I am led further and further away
From the beguiling hope of love,
From the sustaining flashes of light
As I turn back, all is black
And though my eyes can still see,
I am as blind as can be
Never, ever to return

Submitted By: David Nickerson

Oreneile (He gave us)

A name so meaningful
A curse so painful
A blessing “Never” I think to myself
My life so miserable like a wet cloth feeling useless
A disappointment I become when good dees I do
Oreneile a useless life
Oreneile a curse in our eyes
Divorce and division came along
A newly born came by
Piece of tramp I’ve become to the perpetrators
Men with insecurities say it’s all my fault
Tears so wet blood so thick I can bearly walk
Feeling so tortured and emotions so torn
I cry but no sound they can hear
I seek for help!but no one sees to care
Pills and portions are my solution
But Drips and niddles seem to get in the way
How dark and deep myself is
No one seems to understand
Blames and flames are thrown unto me
Blooms and Blues never enlighten my soul
How long shall this last?
A question no person can solutionate

Until We Meet Again

Those special memories of you
will always bring a smile
if only I could have you back
for just a little while
Then we could sit and talk again
just like we use to do
you always meant so very much
and always will do too
The fact that you’re no longer there
will always cause me pain
but you’re forever in my heart
until we meet again

Love Poems, Sad Poems 

My Only Love

never seems enough
I’ve said it so many times
I am afraid you won’t understand
what I really mean when I say it.
How can so much feeling
so much adoration possibly fit into
those three little words.
But until i find some other
way of saying what i feel, then
“I Love You” will have to do.
So no matter how many times I say it,
never take it lightly, for you are my life,
and my only love.
I love you now more
than ever before

Ba Mohazzab Hai Zindagi Apni
sad poetry in urdu

Ba Mohazzab Hai Zindagi Apni

Ba Mohazzab Hai Zindagi Apni
Diya Apna Hai Roshni Apani
Sar Pe Topi Hai Haath Me Hai Qalam
Kitni Dilkash Hai Sadgi Apni
Mazhab O Zat Ki Nahi Hai Khabar
Kitni Pakeezah Dosti Apni
Jhooth Aaye Kabhi Zaban Pe Na
Qaem Rakhni Hai Bartari Apni
Dusron Se Mujhe Hai Kya Lena
Roza Apna Namaz Bhi Apni
Chal Bhi Sakte Hain Ur Bhi Sakte Hain
Asma Apna Hai Zameen Apni
Mai Sunata Hun Geet, Naghma,ghazal
Dhun Bhi Apni Hai Ragni Apni

Band muthi se girti rait ki manind

Band muthi se girti rait ki manind
sad poetry in urdu
Band muthi se girti rait ki manind
Bhula dia Tum ne mjhy zra zra kar k


Halat-E-Sheher Ke Guman Se Dar Lagta Hai
Aaj Insan Ko Insan Se Dar Lagta Hai.. .

Hal-E Dil Sunane Mein

Bas Ik Jhijak Hai Yehi Hal-E Dil Sunane Mein
sad poetry in urdu
Bas Ik Jhijak Hai Yehi Hal-E Dil Sunane Mein
Ke Tera Zikar Bhi Aaye Ga Is Fasane Mein


Sab Kuch To Hai Siwaye Achi Qismat Kay
Sath Chalne Wale Bhi Bari Jaldi Badal Gaye.. 

Koi ibadat ki chah me roya

Koi ibadat ki chah me roya
sad poetry in urdu
Koi ibadat ki chah me roya,
Koi ibadat ki rah me roya,
Ajab hai Namaz- e– Muhabbat ka silsala..
Koi qaza kar ke roya, koi adaa kr ke roya


Jis Simt Pe Intzar Me Hmne Saari Umar Guzar Di
Kitne Maghroor They Wo Log Jo Mudke Dekh Hi Nhi.. ….
sad poetry in urdu


Mere Mukadma-E-Ishq Ka Ajab Surat-E-Hal Tha
Daleelein Khilaf Thi Magar Munsif Uska Tarafdar Tha.. ….
Chain Ki Nend
Ab Insan K Bus Main Nahi K Mera G Bahlaye
Ab To Koi Frishta He Aye K Mujhe Chain Ki Nend Sulaye


Kabhi Khat Likhna Kabhi Khat Jalana
sad poetry in urdu
Kabhi Khat Likhna Kabhi Khat Jalana
Isi Kirdaar Me Dooba Hua Hu Main.. ….


Isq Me Khoobsurat Gunaah Kar Diya
Dekha Ek Nazar To Qatlgaah Kar Diya.. ….

Jab Ka Keh Aatish Jawan Tha

Bayan Khawab Ki Terhan Jo Kar Raha Hai
Yeh Qissa Hai Jab Ka Keh Aatish Jawan Tha
Jab Ka Keh Aatish Jawan Tha


Na Raaton Me Neend Hai Na Khawab Hai
Khuli Aankhon Se Sona Kitna Duswaar Hai.. ….
Na Raaton Me Neend Hai Na Khawab Hai


Dekho Kitna Hum Khamosh Ho Gay Hain  Zaid
Apna Sans Bhi Sunine Ke Qabil Na Raha.. ….


Saz-E-Dil Me Irtiaash Si Hone Lagi Hai
Jo Maut Mere Pahlu Me Aakar Baithi.. ….

Sad Poetry Status

Apna Toh Yeh Kaam Hai Bhai Dil Ka Dard Jalate Rehna,
Jhaag Jhaag Kar Un Raaton Mein Shair o Geet Gaate Rehna
Madhosh Na Kar Mujhko Apna Husn Dekha Kar,
Mohabbat Agar Chehre Se Hoti Toh Khuda Dil Na Banata
Khuda Dil Na Banata
sad poetry in urdu
Uss Ko Yaad Naa Hoga Hamara Chehra Bhi,
Tamam Shayari Hum Jis K Naam Karte Hain
Namaish Karne Se Chahat Barh Nahi Jati,
Mohabbat Woh Bhi Karte Hain Jo Izhaar Nahi Karte
Haye Hum Jaise Bekar Log,
Ruth Bhi Jayein Toh Koi Manana Nahi Aata
Haye Hum Jaise Bekar Log
sad poetry in urdu
Tum Gairon Ki Baat Karte Ho Hum Ne Apne Bhi Azmaaye Hain,
Log Kaanton Se Bach K Chalte Hain Hum ne Phoolon Se Zakham Khaye Hain
Kitaabein Bhi Bilkul Meri Zaat Jaisi Hain,
Alfaaz Se Bharpur Magar Khamosh
Apni Shakhsiyat Ki Kya Misaal Du Yaaro
Na Jaane Kitne MashHoor Ho Gaye
Mujhe Badnaam Karte Karte
Apni Shakhsiyat Ki Kya Misaal Du
sad poetry in urdu
Itna Bhi Gumaan Na Kar
Apni Jeet Par Ae Bekhabar,
Sheher Mein Teri Jeet Se Zyada,
Charche To Meri Haar Ke Hain
Saif Andaz e Bayaa’n Rang Badal Deta Hai,
Warna Duniya Mein Koi Baat Nayi Baat Nahi
Badan Ki Qurbat Ko Toh Mil Jaate Hain Log Hazaron,
Maine Aik Shaks Ko Chuna Tha Sirf Mohabbat Ke Liye
Sad Poetry Status
sad poetry in urdu
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