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How I made 2900$ by coloring images


In this post I’m going to show you howto make $29,900 simply coloring images online all you need to do is just upload your black and white image to this program which I’m, going to show you in a second go like this drag this line over here and that’s how you can make that money and doing this you can make 5 x 10 x 5 98 $29,900 and all you need to do.

If you are new to my website so subscribe us, I upload three posts per week on be low let’s get into the method it’s completely possible to make really good money with this simple website that I’m going to show you by simply coloring photos.

All the tips and tricks are discussed below:

So you upload a black and white photo just like what you can see here and then drag this line to make this photo colored this is a high in-demand skill and I’m going to show you an easy way to get paid for simply doing this and a few more ways to make money online with these kind of services let me show you something cool so I’m here on Fiver and I’ve just typed in colorized photo to check out the market for this colorized photo type gig and what I can see here is that there are lots of gigs that are making really good money earning at this gig it.

Says that I, will colorize restore retouch repair your old photos so if we check this out you will see that the gig is about taking a black-and-white photo like which you can see here on the screen on the left and making it colored and by simply doing this this particular gig has got 592 customer feedback 592 and in general about ten percent of buyer send up leaving feedback so if we take 592 and we’re multiplied by ten okay because only one in ten leaves feedback we can see that there have been at least 6000 order for this particular gig and if we multiplied this by the amount of the gig so there are this gig is solved for seven fifteen or twenty two Australian which is basically five ten or fifteen US dollars.

So even at the very lowest rate six thousand waters multiplied by dollars is thirty thousand dollars that the simple gig owner would have made just from this one gig so basically they provide this service and then if somebody needs their photo restored they will come to Fiver and they will buy this gig and there are actually multiple gigs that have made thousands and thousands in sale for these colorized photo it’s a service that is in very very high demand so there is a massive opportunity here for you guys if you wanted to provide a similar service on Fiver.

It would be in high demand and you know many many people making a lot of sales every single day and you can also do that and it actually does not require any Photoshop knowledge or any technical skill I’m gonna show you a website called colorize as G so if you just type in colorize s G into Google you will be able to find this website and it allows you a very very simple way to colorize photos so once you’ve posted your gig you can get into colorized or SG and then look let’s just go try it yourself and then what I’m going to do is just upload a photo okay so it’s asking me now to select the photo so I’m gonna do that I’m gonna just take a black-and-white photo and like this and you can do this with any black-and-white photos.

So for example once your customer from five-hour provides that black and white photo to you this service will do it for you automatically all you need to do is just upload the photo and it’s instantly colorized that’s as simple and easy it is to actually colorize the photo with colorizes.

So let’s try with another one if we just go here and let’s try to upload a different photos gonna select the photo just downloaded a sample black-and-white photo of a family like a typical photo that you would get in that gig so upload black and white photo and once again you can see excellent result.

So this is the original black and white photo this is the colorized version and this is what people will pay $5 for for you to just upload that photo and basically download it and then give it back to them because they don’t know any other way to do this so when they’ve got an old photo they will need to go into they all go to fiber and they try to find somebody who can colorize a photo for them I’m going to give you a lot more proof and many other ways to sell your geeks it is actually not very hard there are people literally right now posting and asking for somebody to color their photos on a different website.

I’m going to show that to you a little bit later on in the video but another service that you can provide that is similar to colorize in these photos is to remove background which is also very very easy once again you don’t need to know Photoshop you can do this from any wherein the world any country and if we just type in remove background you will see that there are lots of gigs that are extremely successful so check this out for example this gig here has had 598 feedback and all they do is it says that I will cut out images background removed professionally okay so the customer what is this gig they would get in here and they would provide a picture like that and after you use a service that I’m going to show you the end result is like this.

So here are some others so here are glasses that are lying on a table and then the background is removed just like that and people pay $5 u.s. for this service okay but you could provide this service on Fiver and as you can see it’s in high demand there are thousands and thousands of orders for many of these gigs and many of them have had tens of thousands of orders like this one here 980 for feedback and there are even higher feedback gigs on here if you just have a look for yourselves now to do this very very simply and easily you can use this service remove BG so let me demonstrate to you how this works.

If I upload an image all right and I’ll just take this image this is a sample image for example when I make my YouTube thumbnails I remove background as well all right here we go probably be easy if I show you the original image because it just works so quickly so I take a photo like that on the green cloth that I’ve got here on the I put I’ll put it here on the door in my office alright and that’s the sort of image that I take for my thumbnails and then I need to remove background and many people don’t know how to do this background removal or maybe they need it for their other images for example if they’ve got an online store they need images for their products and they will get onto Fiver.

I will ask people to remove the background images for them so what you can do after you get this order you can charge people five dollars for this look how quick it is so you’re just going to remove that BG and then you click on see where it says here upload image so then you just pick your image and here is the image that I’m picking this one here alright hopefully can see it’s a little bit small but that’s that image with the green background and then I’m just gonna click open and it uploads it and then it just removes the background quickly instantly like this okay and that’s the end result you can just download this image and send it back to the customer who has ordered it from you that’s why for many of these gigs you will actually notice there are gigs that are saying I will do 100 images background removal.

Okay because it’s so quick and many people want to do it in bulk for example for their online store so you can provide that service where you just do lots of ten or fifty or a hundred in one guy because it’s so quick to actually get that done using removed or BG so you might be wondering if there is actually demand for this and if you decided to do this today could you actually make sales well you’ve already seen it here let me just show you once again if you look at the gigs here remove background you can see how many gigs have have made thousands of cells so five hundred ninety-eight feedback that’s six thousand sales 119 feedback that’s over a thousand sales 673 feedback that’s probably six thousand sales so these kind of gigs are extremely popular.

However, with Fiver I know that a lot of you feel that is over saturated which it’s not you can actually jump on here today and you will make sales if you market yourself properly and if you structure your gig similar to some of these are the leading gigs okay but I’m gonna show you a couple of other ways that you can sell this service where people are screaming out for it and they just really want somebody to take care of their background removal and also of colorizing images so one place which you can check out is people per hour and on people per hour calm you can go into search and you can search freelancers alright so if you need something dancer for example you need let’s say you’ve got photo on which you would like to have background removed alright.

You as a typical customer customers will come here and they’ll go and start searching freelancers and they will say I need an image remove aback ground removed from my image and they will post their job as a freelancer though so that’s what you would be doing trying to make money you could jump on to this option here with switch says search projects and let’s see there are some real people wanting to have their backgrounds removed right now check this out so I have just typed in removed background I’m gonna click enter and you will see here images processing background removal touch-up and resize so somebody is willing to pay sixty three dollars for this work.

This was posted seven hours ago there have already been some proposals OK and with the proposals it means obviously that someone has provided a quote so you could quote a lot lower than this because you know that you don’t need to use Photoshop or do anything crazy like that you can just use this service remove dot BG but take a look at this request from people images processing background removal touch-up and sighs it says experience level entry so they’re not looking for someone who’s super experienced or anything like that they just it says I’m looking for someone to edit and touch-up a set of images that.

I have to prepare them by removing the background brightening up and sizing them to specific size so total 60 images it’s one dollar per image and you’ve seen that this only takes literally seconds to do so you could easily bid for this job and look how many people are searching for a remove background work right now it’s a very popular service they are sorted by relevancy over here but basically you can see some more posts the two days ago three days ago 16 hours ago five days ago four days ago so every single day there are multiple multiple people on people per hour that post projects looking for quotes.

Now this is only a small size of the market because a lot of people just contact freelancers directly so you should definitely got who people per hour calm and register your profile over here because many times people will actually contact you directly what we can see here is just a very small percentage of the overall size of the market there is also one more place where you can easily sell the skills that I’ve just shown you and that place is SEO clocks so the link for that is SEO Clark or you can just google it and let’s type in remove background and see how many sales the people who have listed their gigs on here are making so this one here 20 Photoshop background removed service.

Okay and it’s five dollars and look they’ve had eight hundred and thirty seven feedback which means that they’ve made over eight thousand sales eight thousand sales if we multiply that okay eight thousand sales multiply that by five dollars it’s forty thousand dollars that this simple geek has made so as you can see there’s a ton of demand for this service on a number of websites you should definitely go ahead and register your profile on all of these websites so on SEO Clark come on people per hour as well as on Fiver and from a multitude of these channels you should be able to get so much work that you’ll probably have to no clients back.

Because of the demand and once again if you think Fiver is over crowd that it is not if you keep scrolling down this list you will see that there’s just all of these gigs are making thousands and thousands of sales even all the way down the list all the way at the bottom of page one look at these gig it’s made seven hundred and sixteen feedback or over seven thousand sales I will remove background enhance product photo within a few hours okay so you can definitely get a slice of this market there on Fiver.

Because five are promotes new product sellers so you should definitely be able to get some exposure that’s it don’t forget to check the list of recommended money-making resources in the description below I hope you enjoyed this video if you did make sure to click the like button and leave me a comment just below.>>>

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