Top Best Naana Blu Songs You Should Know

Naana blu she is a talented actress and top trending young actress currently.
She has many songs .
But according to our  research on social media like facebook,instagram,YouTube,twitter, we got some of her most views music videos.

 Also we check some of the top popular Ghana music site and get a list of her top download songs. Below are the list of her top trending songs and review about the songs.

1.Naana blu-Things Fall Apart.

Naana blu sings kofinaata “things fall apart” with her sweet voice,also she break the song down with a wonderful talent and that makes it so interesting,Naana blu brings out a quality words in ‘things fall apart” almost everyone can understand. She got a lot of likes on social media also a lot of downloads and views online. 

Till now the search volume of “Naana Blu Things Fall Apart (cover)” on search engine keep increasing.Actually Naana blu really gives such an extraordinary touch to the songs that makes it arguable her performance outclassed that of the original singer himself.[Download mp3]

2. Naana blu-blu afehyia pa (produce by DDT)

She release this songs on 7th December 2019. This song has got a lot of viewers on social media and a lot of Downloads online. One of the most interesting in this song is,sweet voice,well lyrics, meaningful words. Also her starting and ending was great. [Download mp3]

3.Naana Blu- Sugar Cane

She release sugar cane with a talented voice and makes it so interesting. Naana blu use super choruses and verses.[Download mp3]

Her starting

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