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What is Canva|Complete training step by step

Introduction of canva:

Photo shop no paint no way canva yes i’m making this post because you need to know how to use canva as a you tuber for thumbnails as an Instagram for tutorials or some editing for posts and carousels and as someone who posts on pinterest if you still use.

If you find it a comment down below one of you will win five bucks and subscribe with notifications so you see when you won and when you reply to your comment and also you can grab my free zero thank you followers got on Instagram in the description down below and a cup of coffee because you my friend are awesome and i’m happy this year so you’re reminded of that okay so first of all canva has a free and a paid version they both work really well the paid version has some more images some transparent background stuff.

Details and features of Canva:

You can download some good options but i want to be very transparent with you guys and i’ll tell you that photo shop is 10 bucks a month can’t raise around that as of recording this video it’s 10 bucks a month for annual billing 12 bucks a month 13 bucks actually for monthly billing so it’s around 10 euros i use euros so it’s more expensive than fall trip you gotta understand that but there’s a lot of pros when it comes to it so to go on cafe you can use the link in the description down below it’s an affiliate link i’ll get a commission a cut uh if you use my link and you sign up.

Okay so the first thing you gotta do is sign in and i’m signing in with my google account and instantly if you don’t know there solution uh for the pixels of different designs you can see them by just clicking the create a design option right you have the custom dimensions. If there’s something custom you want to do Instagram post is 1080 by 1080 actually do 1920 by 1920 that’s a little bit better for that then if you go the below and we have info graphics which is basically something like this here is one I’ve used recently then you have instrument story to create some really nice instrument stories posters logos flyers cards uh Facebook posts covers and so much more even uh there’s also highlight covers for Instagram.

Instagram story highlight covers and they also have templates that you can use instantly for example this one right and if you were looking to create a highlight cover all you got to do is change the text for example work and then you can add it to your Instagram and it will kind of look like this right like these testimonials so how do you use canva let’s say that we’ll be creating an Instagram post we’ll go ahead and click create an Instagram post we just use the basic settings here you can find your uploads as you can see.

I’ve used a bunch of things it’s super useful and in this video we’ll just create something that will be half a thumbnail a you tube thumbnail half an Instagram post so you can see a bunch of options so there’s first there are some things you gotta know you have the elements you have the photos you have the templates you have the text styles um one of the things uh you really gotta know from the beginning is actually the photos tab you have stock images and videos that you can use for example let’s say that i want to make a video about creating content on canvas.

So something I can do is just use the computer section or what will happen if i actually type in canva look at this right we can use something like this for example make it a little bit bigger and then from here we can use a computer something really cool you can do with canvas when you click you have five options at the top effect filter which is really good adjust crop flip we can actually use the effects function and click this button background remover doesn’t work for all images i guess for this one it won’t work let’s find another one okay this one might be a little bit better effect background remover and here.

It is right it’s removed and looks pretty cool so something we can actually do is add some text here and we can click the text option we have a lot of presets that we can use for example we can use this one and change the colors but i would make one on my own just to show you how it works we’ll check change the font i have some custom fonts for example this one and we can place it here and from here there are some really cool effects that you can use on canva for example, when you click effect you have lift which is basically something like shadow or outline and you can add more intensity to it.

It works really well it didn’t they didn’t have it a while ago which is one of the reasons i had to switch to Photoshop for my thumbnails but I’ve been doing my canva thumbnails for a while so there’s a lot of things you can do you have echo you have glitch text for example we can use the glitch text which is similar to you know tick took logos down and we can do something like this if we want to add some elements or some animation or make it like an ad something that you can do is make a second page this can actually be copied into our second page with the background and then the first page can be do you struggle.

For example, we can have a photo like this make something like this then add some text change the font to this one we can make it uh like this and then change the color to white in photo shop you just use the stroke effect maybe we can do something like this okay to have some depth certainly to create consistent content and then we have this and here we can click the animate function at pop and then here we can add something like baseline and look how it will look like strongly to create consistent content and then canva tutorial well if you want to download it we can download the mp 4 png and so on and we can also adjust the time each of this animations last for example if we add both of them to three seconds it’s a lot faster pace so this is your camera tutorial.

It’s pretty easy hope this video was helpful it was for me definitely if i had someone to explain all this within one video i was going to be happy and you know what would make me even happier if someone shouted me out in one of his next videos you know what i’ll do that for you just come in your you tube account or Instagram account username down below i’ll shout you out in one of the next videos the secret word of this video is actually canva tutorial the best here are the shout out winners on this video still next one remember that a video day keeps the doctor away watch one of these videos this one is definitely really good bye.>>>>>

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