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I Died and Resurrected On the Day of My Burial – I Went to Heaven But God Said I Had to Do His Work – Ghanaian Woman Explain

A Ghanaian woman claiming to be a prophetess, Doris Anthony, has alleged that she died and was resurrected.

Anthony claims after dying she went to heaven, but God did not want her there and sent her back.

The 50-year old prophetess spoke to SVTV Africa to tell her long and pretty unbelievable story.

According to her, God called her to be a prophetess in her ‘1st’ life but she got seriously ill and died.

Everyone thought she was gone but on the day of her burial, she resurrected and sent everybody running.

“I died but I resurrected on the day of my burial. I was taken to heaven after my death and God said I had to do his work so he brought me back on earth,” she claimed.

“He said if I don’t come and do his work, he will take my life again. When I came back, I saw only my children crying whiles all other people had taken to their heels.”

This sounds like the product of someone who has watched too many Nigerian movies.

I’m sorry but I’m not buying this story, do you?

Watch and let us know…

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