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How to make money with google map|2000$ per day

Learn basic steps for earning on google maps:

Driving the car one way or the other you’re just swerving back and forth you use google maps trying to walk to your home from a random place you spawned in the morning google maps making money online from home is google maps the answer i’m making this post because you need to learn how to make money from home online in 2020 with google maps and in this video you’ll learn exactly how to do that by going over some strategies some people use that you might not be aware of and actually agency owners people that make money online and scale their business don’t want you to know so like this video for the you tube algorithm if you appreciate the effort so first grab a cup of coffee because you are awesome.

I shout everyone in the cup out who’s in the cup today if we type in pizza delivery in google this comes up right we have some searches i have this because it’s some plugins that I’ve installed but then we have some locations and these locations as you can see are part of a map it’s part of actually google maps and don’t mind the language it’s a little bit different because i’m in Bulgaria in Europe and it can be different for the places you are in but the reason it’s different is because businesses want to rank here.

Because when someone types in pizza delivery at the beginning of the night every business wants this person to be their clients right the if you appear higher here your business will make more money supposedly it’s really good if you’re traveling to a new city you don’t know the places you want to type in google pizza delivery or any other issue that you have a hospital nearby a dentist watch repair and find the nearest place near you check the ratings that this place has you can rank people.

Discuss in details:

There’s an algorithm there’s a science behind appearing at one of these spots right if we click check all of them orin my language you have a bunch of places in businesses these restaurants owners know the power of scaling every business owner understands that he needs to buy time whenever he doesn’t know something he doesn’t understand something he would rather buy the time or buy the skill by not learning it himself but rather paying someone else to do it if he can actually do it as an expert.

So here is where you come in and my identity actually does that if you have a business and want to rank first page in google check the link in description down below for my seo services so the gap in the market here is that google automatically adds some businesses up here and some of them do not have their business owned and if they do not claim their business they’ll get removed and first let’s search for a business and then i’ll tell you two ways you can charge them for your service/.

You need to search for a business that isn’t claimed normally doesn’t have a website or says own this business or something like this let’s type in something else like watch we’re trying to look for businesses that don’t have a lot of reviews for example this business that’s not a real website but they have their phone here so what you can do is contact the business owner right here and have a pitch for around 10 20 30 and say.

I can add your business here and it’s really easy to do that there’s a lot of guides online how to add a business on google maps just gotta claim it there’s a wizard that opens and you gotta follow the instructions you just call the owner and says do you want me to clean this business for you i’ll charge you between 10 and 30 bucks and you can pay me absolutely do it so there’s no risk for you i’ll just send you my papal after so you go ahead asking for the credentials you need to add the website there and charge him through it.

That’s the first approach you can have and because you’re a nobody to them you have no feedback you can just say you know i can charge you after and it’s not a big risk for you because it’s gonna take you less than an hour to make this money the same thing the second thing you can do is actually do this for free but then when they’re impressed that you could have done this for free paste them an seo service which is ranking them higher in google and you can do it by drop servicing for example hiring another agency to do it or someone or hiring someone on fiver for example if you go on fiver right.

Now you just type in something like seo there’s a bunch of services that people offer not all of them are good but if you sort them by best selling you can see the ratings you can actually pitch some of these services to a business and charge them 50 higher than the original price on fiver so these are the two ways you can make money using google maps hope this video helped you out on this channel we upload once or twice a day because we have a team of two editors eleven and we’re pumping out content like there’s no tomorrow so and like this video to support the and to make money online remember that video day keem star doctorate by the end of this video make sure you check one of these videos i’ll see you next time bye.>>>>

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