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Get paid to watch videos|6$ per video|make money online

Here’s how you can make money online today by just watching videos as simple as that and in this post you’ll learn the exact process to do that all. I want from you is to like the post because it really helps out.

Let’t start:

We try to do from one to three videos every single day. So you can gain value and you know what i can shout you out in one of the next posts all you got to do is comment something cool or your you tube account Instagram account whatever in the comment section i’ll take it put it in the shout out jar and shout you out just like this so in this video i’ll show you four websites to actually make money by watching videos or ads super simple it’s a super simple concept but full disclosure here some of the websites.

Actually, want you to be from the united states united kingdom Canada Australia.

Whatever, if you want to go that route and still log in and because i know a lot of you guys you’re not from a main country you might be from India or just like me from Bulgaria Romania Russian alternative is to use the vpn i have some links for vpns in description down below that i use so if you want to go that route this is how you do it let’s start with the first website it’s actually called add wallet it’s my favorite one in chess brands want your attention make them buy it right like the joker said if you’re really good at something don’t do it for free.

Get paid watch videos!

If you’re good at watching videos don’t do it for free they have a video on how it works it only takes 45 seconds to watch it on their website i’ll have all the links that you need in the description down below for this website for the vpns everything for the other websites and you just basically watch a video get rewarded and you can also make one dollar for every trend you refer to the platform one of the cool things. I like about ad wallet is that they only want you to make ten dollars to cash out.

Because, some programs they can have a requirement of like 20 30 50 bucks so you never reach that you get discouraged and they’ll keep your money so 10 bucks is really realistic especially if you’re going to refer some friends the second website is actually called inbox dollars it’s really cool and you basically sign up for free confirm your address and you can earn cash and gift cards they have different niches and they’re seeing they paid out over 59 million dollars and the cool thing about it they have at least six niches like trending news technology celebrity gossip food entertainment and health you’ve probably watch e done of these anyway.

earn money by watching videos

So why not get paid by just watching celebrity gossip and getting like this is a no-brainier and if you like niches like this making money for watching videos and sub niches there’s even a better alternative and it’s actually called i brazu it’s a weirdo name i have a link for it in the description down below but it basically has shop it has technology travel automobile like if you just watch carved videos you can get paid how cool is that which brings us to the fourth website because I don’t wanna waste your time too much you can check them out yourself after the video and it’s actually called swag bucks they have a really seo page a lot of text on the main page but you just.

Basically answer surveys and get paid for it if this video helped you out make sure you give it a like and if you’re new make sure you subscribe to the channel because it really helps me out remember that a video that gives the doctor away this is no financial advice this is no medical advice do your own due diligence result can vary by the end of this video make sure you check one of these views i’ll see you next one bye.<>

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