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How to earn 100$ in a day passive income 2020

Introduction how achieve this?

I’m here logged into my Google Adsense account and you can see it says today so far I’ve made 40 $1.94 or in this Google Adsense account now I’m going to refresh this I learned this page just before Is tarted recording the video so let me reload the page and you will see now, that it’s going to get updated so it was 41 94 now you can see it’s 46 84 so I’ve made another 5 dollars in this short time from when I was getting ready to this video until now so it’s completely passively.

Discuss in detail:

I didn’t do anything to earn this additional $5 and you can see like yesterday 167 dollars in the last 7 day sit’s been three hundred and thirty seven dollars and so forth Adsense is just one of the ways I make money online you can see here on jv zoo my lifetime earnings are one hundred and fifty-one thousand and I also promote a lot of products in several niches from a lot of other affiliate networks as well hi everyone.

I’m going to show you the exact$100 a day formula that I have personally been using to make $100 a day online completely passively so here comes the big reveal this is the formula it’s simple it’s just got these three components to it and we will break them down throughout this video I’m going to show you step-by-step how you can start implementing this for yourself as well so the very first thing is free traffic so I generate free traffic in a variety of ways I’m gonna show you in just a second how this works but basically these free traffic is visitors that are searching for various information online.

They come onto my money page and the money page is basically a page on my website that is monetized either via various ads or affiliate programs various things that people can click on that make me money so I’m converting this free Google search website visitors bringing them onto my money page and that’s how I make well over a hundred a day passively online every single day I make anywhere from fifteen to twenty thousand dollars a month currently from all of these sort of free traffic that visits my so-called money pages so let me show you first of all how these free traffic components actually works let’s say somebody types in free traffic sources into Google.

Which hundreds of people do all the time and my website comes up as the number five approximately search results here on page one and sort of fluctuates between you know three four or five and if somebody so you know a person who is looking for information about free traffic sources a lot of them will end up clicking on my website in the search results here and if they click on to this link that will land on my website.

I’ve written an article which I believe is a good article hope it’s it’s useful and when people read this article there are various links here that they can click OK and one of the links I’m telling people about how I have been getting traffic from Pinterest on to my website and I’m inviting people to signup for tailwind which is the tool that I use it’s a high-quality Pinterest approved Pinterest tool and if somebody clicks on this link they will get taken to a signup page via what’s called my filleted link it’s a special refer all ink that they will give me and then if they join then I get paid referral fee for referring even a free member and then if they decide to upgrade to a paid plan I get paid and amounting commissions.

So I’ve just logged in inside Share A Sale which is the affiliate network that hosts my affiliate program for tailwind and you can see here are all of these sales this 50 cent sales for referring free trial members that’s where they’re all coming in to okay fifty cents fifty and then you can see some of them end up upgrading and I get paid 225 a month for it so this is a very simple example of how I just put out these money pages out there right and then somebody searches for different things like free traffic sources they land on to my site they end up signing up for tailwind buy this referral link here and as soon as they sign up.

I start making these sales so very very easy here is another example if somebody types in sharks and Bora Bora into Google they my website this is one of my blogs a travel blog troll comm it’s actually currently rated as the featured website for the search query see it’s coming up here is kind of what featured featured snippet if somebody clicks onto my website which most people do they will read my article here and you will notice that this article actually has an ad here in the sidebar see how it’s got the ad hereunder sponsored links and other posts on my site also have other types of ads so for example there is an ad here this is all automatically inserted by Google.

I don’t have to do anything it’s 100% hands-off I set this up once and it just happens automatically for me so as people are reading the content they’ll end up clicking this ad or you know perhaps some of these ads that are in the center of the content and as soon as somebody clicks those ads on any of my websites Google Ad sense then pays me per click or per impression again 100%automated and hands-off completely passive so let’s see if i refresh this this has probably gone up even more 46 84 it was before so see now it’s 47 i5 so somebody else has landed on one of my websites and they’ve clicked that ad and now it’s going up even more so this is actually the formula in action.

What I have shown you this is exactly how this works now let’s just recap you built these mighty pages and I’m going to show you in just a second how to do all of that it’s simple if you just break it down to its basics easy simple there’s no need to over complicate it just publish good content on good keyword sand people will come via Google search to your website then that free traffic after to your money page they will click on those ads and on those affiliate links and you can make these passive hundred dollars a day online I actually have been making a lot more than that for quite a long time now just using the simple formula a common question that I get is how much traffic do.

I actually need to make this hundred dollars a day online passively that all sounds good you know the driving traffic and creating content but let’s look at some of the actual hard numbers underneath it so good niches can earn you anywhere from ten to fifty dollars per 1000 visitors that visit your website okay so that’s basically approximately 1 cent per visitor to 5 cents per visitor that is if you choose your niche as well because good niches are niches where a lot of people buy a lot of stuff so things like travel related niches are pretty good hobby niches you know things like drawing drones camping anything that’s got to do with for driving boating they all do pretty well.


Make money online niche does well anything that’s got to do with fitness and ailments or with parenting they do well so there are tons of really good niches out there there are some bad niches as well but don’t go into bad niches you want to go into niches where a lot of people are spending a lot of money that’s going to be profitable for you so looking at this as kind of like a worst case and a best case you would need to make $100 a day in the worst case you would need approximately 10,000 visitors per day okay now it sounds like that’s quite a lot but it is actually achievable and you don’t even need to publish that much content on your site to do this you can do this with a hundred to two hundred pieces of content.

I know 100 to 200 pieces of content sounds like a lot but you can get there fairly easily as long as you just consistent and if you put out five articles per week then in a year you can publish 250 articles and it’s very very doable as long as you just take the required steps now best case scenario is you know looking at that 50 dollars per 1000 visitors you would need just 2,000 visitors a day or less to actually be earning $100 that’s if you monetize your money page well if you’ve got your ads.

You’ve got your affiliate programs and there are the things that you want to promote on that page and you’re generating a lot of clicks to the different things then you can make that mining once again $100 a day online with free traffic is completely possible as long as you stick to the formula now I already know that a lot of people are going to comment in on this video and say that $10 to $50 per 1000 visitors is impossible to achieve because Adsense doesn’t pay a lot of money it’s hard to make money etc etc well let me show you something here so that you know that it is actually possible this page here is by in come school.

They have an excellent YouTube channel and I highly respect those guys now they revealed this page publicly so I can reveal it to you as well they revealed it in some of their videos recently they were selling some of their websites and you can see that the camping website here Kemper report comity’s been getting 300,000 page views per month and their ads earnings are eight thousand six hundred and eighty four dollars per month.

So if we use the calculator here and let’s just quickly calculate eight six eight four eight six eight four divided by 300 thousand okay so you can see four multiply that by 1,000 this is twenty eight dollars and ninety-four cents so call it almost thirty dollars per 1000 visitors that they have been getting okay so it is absolutely possible I’m getting similar amounts somewhere between $10 and $50 per 1000 visitor on my fitness website as well so it’s absolutely possible guys you can check this out for yourselves as well .

It is definitely possible to get well over $10 per 1000 visitors in a ton of different issues don’t believe people who are saying that Adsense and display ads are a bad way to make money you can absolutely make good money with it alright so here is the step-by-step run down of what you need to do if you also want to make $100 a day online passively step one is to choose your niche if you have not yet chosen a niche I’m gonna show you a couple of ways that you can find a cool niche quickly so here is a really good way you can type in blogger income reports and you will see there are lots of results here that are talking about how much lockers and different issues actually makes.

So if we open this one up fifty blog income reports from two thousand to a million per month not all bloggers disclose their income reports publicly but there are that actually do this okay so you can as you can see it comes in two parts and if you scroll down you will actually see all of the blog’s and exactly how much they make so you can see this parenting blog makes four thousand per month you can see that frugal living makes a hundred thousand per month.

You can see that a food blog makes over sixty thousand per month and you can continue going with her and through and through there is a veganism blog a lifestyle blog a fitness blog become a VA blog makes over twenty thousand lots of food blogs interior design three thousand now all of these blogs this is not their maximum ceiling okay this is just they happen to be making these money at this point in time obviously if they get more traffic they can make more money but for you guys just I want to kind of stress how useful this can be because you can open any of these blogs.

If you open this arts and classy you will actually see a very detailed income and traffic report and you will see here the analytics okay what are the page views how are they making money here it actually breaks it down into how much is from ad thrive how much from a con influence from Amazon from from Blue host from various other places exactly how they promote so you can actually reverse engineer it so you can you can borrow the idea of a niche okay.

So if this particular one is in the let’s say in the DIY and interior design you can if you feel like this is your niche you can also go after this niche you can go into the sewing niche for example example or an eating niche look at that 10,000 per month in the Knitting niche who would have thought flooring etc and you can try to structure a blog in a similar way to how these people there have structured their blog so this will give you so many ideas there are literally hundreds of niche ideas out there.

I can and you can see the real people who have succeeded making money with this particular niche your step two is to create a site and install the site to do that you would need a domain for example my website domain is caffeinated blogger com so if you wanted to go into the neat thing is you could type in something like meeting crazed calm by the way I use Name cheap you can find the link in the description below.

I use Name cheap for all of my domain needs if you type in knitting crazed calm this will give you some information on where the Knitting craze is actually available or not and as you can see it actually is I can register it 4:13 astray l lion dollars per year so it’s pretty cheap it’s about eight nine something like that US dollars per year and after you’ve got the domain you would need to have it connected to a hosting account I use site ground as my hosting provider once again there is a link in the description below.

If you’d like to grab the side ground a hosting account at the best price and I’ve also got tutorial son exactly how to set up your website from start to finish again I’m gonna drop a link in the description below I’m not gonna spend too much time here in this video on how to actually set up your website after you have created your website then you can move on to step 3 which is to start producing the content don’t get distracted by anything else you know stop looking at your analytics etc.

Just focus on creating 20 points as fast as possible I’ve already got a few people in my Facebook group where I’m helping people build blogs who have really buckled down and in the last month they’ve written close to 15 or 20 points there it is kind of go live with their websites so you can definitely do this in under a month if you really focus create 20 high quality posts on the targeted keyword topics that will start bringing you the traffic and after 20 points you guys will see results there’s a link once again in the description below.

I’ve recently made a very detailed video on how to find your keywords and how to start creating the content fast how you can produce this blog post fast so check this out in name in the links below so that you can learn how to actually do this step by step once you’ve published those 20 posts then you should be seeing some traffic that will start to come in to your site at that point in time this is when you can monetize so to monetize would sense it literally takes one second.

I’ll give you a little piece of code and you need to copy and paste it into a particular area onto your website when you register with Google Adsense you’ll need to go through an application process and you will need to have there is some high quality content on your site that’s why I need to produce these 20 articles initially but basically they’ll give you a bit of code that looks approximately like this and you will need to go into your theme and you will need to insert it into this header section.

I’ve actually also got a tutorial on that I’m going to put that into the description below on the exact process to kind of like how to set up Adsense you’ll need to insert it into your header code and it will start showing ads in the most appropriate places on your web site so just like that by having that line in there Google automatically finds the best places see how it’s inserted the ad in here and it will put it into the other places on to your website from there on once.

You’ve got those ads set up on your website you can also optionally add affiliate links as well of course that he can make affiliate commissions to from your content step 5 is to add more content the more content you can put onto your website the more page views you’re going to get and the more money you’re going to get in the long run now there’s a lotto cover so I’ll put the links to all of the videos free videos on my you tube channel covering all these different aspects.

I’ll put them into the description below so that you can go through step by step and actually work through this if you would like also my course on blogging and traffic generation how to set up these niche blogs is currently on special there’s a 35% discount right now you can use coupon code you tube it also includes a mentor ship group where you can ask me questions etc.

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