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How I made 310$|Best way to make money online

Introduction how to earn a handsome income?

How you can start doing something very similar so first of all let’s break it down and let me show you how I’m making all of these sales how do people find the information that I recommend how do they make the purchase how, do I actually get paid well this all works based on me creating very simple tutorials so many people everyday jump onto YouTube and start looking for different information different tutorials different ways for how to do certain things and as an example one of the things that they search for is how to make WordPress website you can see now all of these suggestions are coming up.

So actually I’ve put a double space so how to make a WordPress website and you can see that they are searching for various things like how to make a WordPress website 20/20 in 24 easy steps but also if you put in FA you’ll see that some of them are searching for howto make a WordPress website fast and people who type that in and they search for that phrase they’ll see a lot of tutorials on how to make a WordPress website and one rich tourist that actually comes up there on page one is mine you can see here.

All the tips and details is discuss below:

it says it has only had four point three thousand views the thumbnail is not even so good I actually kind of didn’t really do a very good job with this thumbnail I think my father there looks weird but nonetheless this tutorial is actually bringing me a ton of sales even though it’s only had four thousand views which is not a lot I uploaded an eight almost nine months ago now when people see these and they watch this this this tutorial actually shows them how to actually setup a WordPress website.

There’s nothing kind of complicated about it but you will notice that one of the things that I’ve done here is I’ve put in these click to follow along here and I’ve given them a special link through which they can sign up for Site Ground hosting now anyone who wants to start a WordPress website they need to have a hosting account and that hosting account allows them to have a blog and you know so many people at the moment especially given the situation that all of us are in are looking to start their own websites build their own website maybe build it for customers or build it for themselves and in order to start a website they need.

I do is throughout the video you’ll notice that I recommend for people to register a domain and then to sign up for a hosting company and hosting company is actually pretty much all hosting companies have got what’s called affiliate programs I personally use site grade hosting and that’s the hosting company that I recommend within this video and they have got affiliate program you can see I’m on the affiliate page here so essentially if you sign up with side gram and you recommend you grab a special link that side ground give you and someone signs up why your link you get a referral commission.

You can see that if you make over 20 sales sorry over 10,000 month between 11 and 20 then you get over $100 per sale if you make over 21 sales they actually give you what’s called a custom commission they will increase your commission amount if you bring them more volume and more sales that’s I mean pretty awesome I’m in the you know in mytía I get paid over $130 per sale and sometimes even 165 dollars per sell in some months saying with Blue host affiliate program Blue host is another hosting company so you could in theory if you want to follow this method you can actually sign up with Blue host.

I feel that program as well and they also pay out 65 for each qualified signup but again if you bring in more sales then they will bump up your Commission per cell as well and then what I do here is I’m showing people how to essentially use how to do everything within the side grant accounts so that anyone who wants to set up a website following my tutorial they kind of feel like they might as well use a gun, because I’m showing them how to work inside grants so they’ll scroll under here and they will actually click this link at the bottom and that link will take them see for example here it says click here to get Site Ground hosting if they click that it’ll take them via my link to signup for side ground and then once they sign up for just 495 or any of these plans.

I get paid a commission so this is what you can see here in my screen you can even see there is sort of this thing here called campaign and it says campaign make website 1908 i6 make website 1908 i6 make website 1908 o6 so I’ve actually made thousands of dollars from Commission’s just from this one video 1908 i6 is 8th of August 2019 well that was 9th of August 2019 in Australian time and I posted this idiot so this is the itraq each of the sales sources separately at least one video that has only had four thousand four hundred views which is not a lot has made me thousands and thousands of dollars in commissions.

Guys I mean this is pretty crazy that’s the power of what I want to show you and in the sort of the second part of the video hope fully the whole concept now makes sense for you in the second part of the video I’m actually going to show you step-by-step how you can implement the same now just to give you an idea if you wondering how far can you scale this you can scale this absolutely to thousands maybe even tens of thousands of dollars a month the potential is there you can see how many sales I’ve made with just one video that only had four point three thousand views now I make a lot of money on a lot o affiliate programs in similar ways that are not related to site ground hosting you know.

I’m doing a bunch of other stuff but if you just wanted to focus on WordPress tutorials and show people how to build their websites to do all of that you can see this video here okay has had 115 thousand views and this person 30 is actually doing the exact same thing he’s recommending for people to sign up by his link you know to follow his tutorials so from 4000 views I made dozens of sales and you can see how many you can imagine how many sales he’s made from one hundred and fifteen thousand views from just this one video so the potential is huge the potential is absolutely there okay so if you wanted to do something similar.

Then essentially you can start a YouTube channel where you share various tutorials related to building websites building WordPress sites speeding up websites and in those videos recommend resources which people can bias their following your videos and then make Commission’s that way so as an example let’s take a look at this person’s channel 30 so and there are lots and lots of these kind of channels on YouTube that you can find yourselves as well but basically can see that he make slots of tutorials such as DB scroll effects tutorials.

So DV is a WordPress and then he will just you know a lot of people will be searching for that scroll effects how to how to make a DB scroll effect so you can get some of the ideas from channels like this or of course not just for this channel you can you can look at other people’s channels WP crafter this person has got a really an awesome channel as well you can see he’s getting a lot of views and you can check out what kind of videos they these people are making they’ll give you some of the ideas on what is popular so you can go in and you can sort the videos by popularity just to see how many videos are actually how many views these videos are getting so you can see that for example a video about how to add an SSL certificate has had 250,000 views.

I mean that is pretty crazy you can also pretty easily search what is actually popular and what is being searched for on YouTube by using the search bar so if you wanted to check what kind of videos you can make about WordPress tutorials or how to build a blog how to build a WordPress site then you can put in a couple of keywords into the search bar and you will actually tell you what kind of things people search for I’m gonna show you a little trick you can type in WordPress website and you will see that YouTube auto completes this for you so you can see that people search for WordPress website tutorial WordPress website from scratch WordPress website 20.

So each of these keywords is a separate idea for a you tube video so you can make a video about WordPress website tutorial WordPress website Element-or WordPress website with free theme and so on to take it to the next level you can start type in WordPress website a and that will show you all of the things that people search for that start with WordPress website a so Adsense approval admin panel then youcan go B then you can go C then you can go D WordPress website design step by step for example I I bet not a lot of people have made a video about WordPress website design step by step so you can see you to be showing up some other videos that are not really about WordPress website design step by steps.

If you can make a video on this topic then you will have a very good chance of ranking on page one now to take it to the next level you can also put your cursor before WordPress website put a space and then once again go to the very start and then put an underscore so effective you’ve got underscore space and then WordPress website and this is going to bring up everything that it’s kind of like a wild card that you put at the front of the keyword so now you can see that you’ve got how to make a WordPress website how to backup WordPress website free.

WordPress website how to edit WordPress website once again these are all different ideas for YouTube videos that you can make and probably there are not a lot of videos on this topic just yet so if you make a video on this topic then once again you’ll you’ll be quite likely to rank on page one in search results on YouTube and you will be quite likely to start getting views and as you saw you don’t really need to get a lot of views because a lot of your sales will come in from affiliate commissions.

When people use the resource or by resource that you recommend with the video, so you’re not banking on getting hundreds of thousands of views you don’t need hundreds of thousands of views as you saw to actually make good money with this method now some of you might be wondering well what do you do if you don’t know how to make a WordPress website and fortunately or unfortunately the answer is you learn it so it’s not that complicated you just need to do this once or twice for yourself to build a WordPress website and you will be an expert by then and then you can actually record videos.

Showing others how to do this so you know a lot of people and myself included often when we make videos that we create content we actually learn how to do something first and then we show on video how to do it and then we upload a video explaining how this is done for others to find us with the content all right now you know how to find keywords on which to make videos now let me show you how to actually create a video so what do you do what kind of programs do you use to actually create a video well there aren’t very many likely that you need and they’re actually free so the first program that I want to tell you-about is called OBS open broadcaster software.

So using this software you can it’s a free completely free open source you can download it and you can record your screen and you can also record yourself camera so that you kind of like speaking on the one camera with yourself in the corner that’s one program that you can use to do this so you can just record all the footage through your microphone and then then you’ll sort of have that recording the second thing that you can do to actually edit that footage afterwards and cut out all the bad bits is a program called hit filmex press.

So if you type in hit film express just download the free version of heat film express you don’t need the pro version just the free version it doesn’t have any limitations you can do most all of the basic editing that you need using the free version of hit film express so just download that and you will be able to cut out any of the bad bits from your video for example if you make mistakes or if you were harming and hiring and all that sort of stuff you can cut it out from the video using hit film express and then you can produce the final mp4 file so how do you actually make money from this once you’ve got the tutorial ready and uploaded well.

Let’s take a look at how I do it and also how others do it so for example this video that has had 115,000 views if you click on this video and watch the video then 30 in this video tells others to go in and click the link in the description of his video to access the resources and here one of the links from the description says get a domain and web hosting and it’s got this links if you click that link you will go to a page that looks like this and this page just literally has one link saying click here to go to sad ground so if you go to side ground then you will be able to buy the site ground hosting plan that further recommends and of course 30 will get paid a commission all right.

I’m doing something very very similar for this website how to make a WordPress website-fast you can see I’m ranking there and if you click on my video I’m basically doing a very very similar thing I’m also saying click to follow along and then I’ve got a little resource page here that says click to search and register your domain so this links out to Name-cheap I also get paid commissions when anyone buys a domain name and then says get a hosting account so if you click on that once again it’ll open side ground via my affiliate link and anytime someone signs up.

I get paid an amount of money now as you have seen the opportunity is huge you can make dozens and dozens of videos just on this WordPress website how to make a WordPress website how to back up WordPress website when you make a video about how to back up WordPress website you can actually talk about plugins or some services that do this for the use rand once again when somebody buys via your link you’re able to make a commission then after you’ve run out of the ideas or look at this one how to speed up WordPress website here you can promote plugins and various services that help people speed up WordPress websites.

Once again many of them sell for $50 $100 and you can make a 50% Commission on those well after you’ve done that you can start looking at things like build a blog all right so once again we do the same put this at the start and it says how to build a blog how to build a blog on WordPress how to build a blog website with WordPress how to build a blog with Elementor once again there are dozen sand dozens of ideas that you can do about how to build a blog and then you can start researching other keywords you can make videos about things that are related to building a blog building your website speeding up a website.

So essentially you can grow a channel that is similar to these other channels that you’ve seen like Fibrous channel and WP crafter comm channel that eventually will get thousands of years a day tens of thousands of user day really the sky’s the limit because YouTube is a huge discovery platform so many people are on YouTube all the time searching for different solutions to different problems and if you upload these free tutorials there a lot of people will actually end up buying through your link as you have seen with just four point three thousands view four point three thousand views I am making a sale from this video you know makes several sales a month.

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