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Link building quality back links creation|SEO trick

Intro of this post:

In this post we’re going to talk about link building and specifically how to get back links to your website fast and free. However, I just want to take you through a couple of back link basics just in case you’re new. So that the rest of my video actually makes sense so please do not skip this part it’s going to be short and valuable. I promise so the one thing that I really want to highlight at this stage is that the quality of your back links really is important and I’m going to show you how to make sure that the links that you build to your website are actually high quality.

One good link is definitely a lot better than a hundred weak ones so let’s jump over to a Travis let me show you a couple of things you might already know that I run several websites I’ve got three niche websites that I sort of I don’t really share them publicly I share a couple of my sites one of the sites that I do share online is this Kathy native blogger calm which is just a home base for my you tube channel really and that’s why I don’t really go you know crazy hardcore link building on this Kathy net a blogger website.

Create strong back links and it’s features are discuss below:

strong back links

I focus on my actual niche blogs but just as an example you can see that my website has got 1.2 6,000 back links so just over a thousand from 154 different domains now if we look at the information about the domains we can we can see that most of the domains that are linking to are actually loggia DIS domain rank it’s also you know you might have heard of Page Rank domain rank domain Authority they’re all similar metrics that is determine how powerful this domain is and essentially.

What you want is when you are obtaining a link to your website you want it to be from a reasonably high D our website so something like this with the di zero is not really going to do a lot of good for your website you want this dr to be as high as possible so these are all the different domains that are referring to my site now if i go to the actual back links so you might have like more than one back link from the same website if i go into the actual back links that’ll give me all so now here it says group similar.

So if i just go one link per domain. I can actually see these hundred and fifty four back links from unique domains now I want to choose just to do follow links you may know the difference do follow basically it means that a website that is linking to you they’re kind of authorizing the official vote for your website from their website in Google Sites no follow links in general are worth a little bit less than do for the links so in essence you want to build as many do for the links as possible now we can see if I sort the 75 do for the back links that I have on my site.

If I saw them by you will see that most of them actually from low-quality websites you know you just acquire automatic sort of back links as your website ages so here I’ve got 75 default back links but only a few of them from reasonably high domain rank websites there are a few from 80 78 58 and so forth however most of them like vast majority are from d 0 OK as you can see here now I just wanted to make sure that you understand this dr because we’re going to be referring to these in the rest of this video we’re going to be referring to domain rank.

So that we can make sure that the links that you build to your website are fairly dear because basically, see all of these links here at the bottom from dia zero even if I did not have these sites domain would still be getting traffic I don’t really care about any of these links I mean they’re nice to have but really you want to focus on getting links from websites that have dr or probably at least 10 20 or more so what is the strategy to build back links to your website I’m going to teach you one of the strategies and that is how to publish free guest posts but this is strategy with a twist.

It’s not the usual free guest post where you have to go around and peach your guest post to a thousand different website and spam all those websites offering your guest post and never hear back from them this is going to be something powerful so let’s get into it the first step is to find a website on which you can perform your guest post and to do that you want to type in guest posts just like this into Facebook search bar and then once you get the page with results make sure that at the top you go to groups.

So that you essentially search the groups for groups that have guest posts in the title of the group and then join as many of these groups as you can so you can see the volume of posts there are very active groups 180 points a day forty points a day 140 points today so you can see that all of these you know group state that you can sort of join you can see that I’ve joined a couple of them as well after you request the join it might take a few hours or a day for you to get approved you’ll probably get approved for vast majority of the my name I had any issues when I tried this and after you have been approved you can proceed to the next step.

So let’s see what is actually happening in these groups I’m going to go into this guest blog postpaid and exchanged and essentially these groups are where people who have websites are looking for guest posts and people who want back links to their websites are looking to provide those guest posts so this is essentially an arrangement where for example you want to build links to your site and I need content for let’s say my travel website I will go into this group and I will say I need free content I accept guest posts in the travel niche.

I will give you keywords you write the content for me and in return I will let you have a back link from my side to your side in the text of the article and what I get in return is free content and what you get in return is a back links so as an example if I go into my blog Travel calm sea we’ve just published recently this post Trinity Trinity Beach ultimate holiday guide so I might jump into as a site owner I might jump into this group and I might say I need somebody to write a post in the travel niche for me and in return you can have a back link then somebody will respond and say ok I’ll write this guest post for you.

If you let me link to to my website so then you will just write a place that looks similar to this again then somewhere within the body of these posts there will be a link from my site to your site so that’s essentially how this works this is sort of like marketplace now there are as you can see it says paid and exchanged alright so in general what you want is you don’t want to pay for links this is against Google Terms and Conditions they might find out I don’t know I mean chances of Google actually finding out I guess you know possibly quite low.

I don’t know but it’s best to my advice is to try to find opportunities where people are willing to accept your content just because it’s high-quality content and they’ll give you a back link in return without any monetary exchange taking place so that’s why when you’re looking for groups to join just make sure that you join quite a lot of them because there are groups that are actually saying free and guest and paid guest posting there are some that are just free guest post.

So there will be some place in those groups whereas you can see for example in this group it says need a free guest post for genuinely even though this group is called blog post paint and exchange okay some people are saying well I need a free guest post and there are people replying so pretty much in every group you can find free opportunities so either scroll through and find some good opportunities or make a post and say I want to write a guest post for your website in the Knitting niche or in the aquarium niche.

Whatever your niche is just make a post here or you can use obviously search functionality here as well and find the opportunity in your post if you decide to proactively make a post you can write something like this I’ve drafted it up here for you you can say I would like to publish a free guest post on your site in the following issues Beth’s help exercise obviously substitute it with your Nicias you can say I will write a high quality post over 2,000 words.

It will be likely to rank in Google search I’m happy to research the keywords I’m a blogger with experience and run several websites and then you can add something like contact me to discuss after that pretty quickly you should get in touch with some people and from there you just need to negotiate the main thing here is to find out what is the URL the name of their website and the URL of their website. So that you can actually analyze their website and make sure that it is high quality.

Before, I proceed to step 3 where you actually put in the time to write the content for them so once you hear back with the domain you need to analyze it let’s say they’ve come back to and they’ve said that their domain URL is this then you need to come back in 2 hrs or another program that allows you to check the domain rank with DA so you can type in if you don’t have access to 8 reps you can just use type in free DA check and use any of these ones that come up here and just make sure that this website actually is getting some organic traffic and they actually have some domain rank now the reason why you like to use hrs is because actually tell you the likely keywords and how many organic keywords.

It’s ranking for and how much traffic the website is getting this is not correct this is usually a lot lower what they then what the real volume of traffic is but you just want to see that there is some traffic that this website is getting and some kind of keywords that its ranking for so this website that way you know that the website is not actually blacklist you don’t want to get links from websites that are blacklisted so go ahead and double check that either in ahref or in another service.

There are some free services that allow you to check the da of a website step three is to actually produce the content so I’m gonna put a card and a card here in the top right of your screen or a link in the description below just check the description below I’ll put a link to a video for how to write an awesome blog post you can obviously also outsource that blog post if you want on the topic that you will agree with the owner of the website that you can try to publish the guest post on so when you create the blog post for them in your negotiations ask them.

Whether they want you to publish it directly into their WordPress and in this case you might need access to the WordPress admin sorry not admin just like editor access or user access then you can type it up straight into the WordPress editor on their website and somewhere within the text of the article make sure that you include a little link to your website just the way that you agree may be in the author column somewhere at the bottom or somewhere throughout the article just put a link a dew fall a link to your website that’s it step four is submit and essentially you’re done the heat rate on these is very high.

I find in general you know about half of the people that you end up talking to will go ahead with you and you can find some really high quality opportunities. Because for the owners of those websites this is free content you don’t actually even have as an owner of a website if you go there and you manage to find some good high quality posts the owners of those websites essentially don’t have to pay for content they just have content produced for them.

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