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Scam Sairui Mall/chymall check this honest review

is chymall a ponzi scheme/chy mall reviews/ chy mall legit or scam/is sairui mall legit ? check sairui mall review>One of the questions that people should have is to ask if it is a scam or not.You learn if it is a scam by researching the opportunity before you join it and by landing on our chymall review is a great start.We are going to dig into the information about the company, the products, and the compensation plan to see if the company offer everything needed to be in compliance with the law.If they are in compliance will tell us that at least they are taking the steps needed to be a legitimate long-term opportunity. 

We hope for the best but we will let you know what our final thoughts and recommendation in the last section of this review.

Whois Record for

Registrant Country China
RegisterAlibaba Cloud Computing (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
IANA ID: 420
Whois Server:


Recent message from sairu mall ceo

OBJECTIVE: my objective is that by the time this presentation is over, everyone will sign up. Because its a new dawn. We all have to make money.

Ecommerce: this simply refers to electronic commercials. Most of us have partakes in it already.

Traditional E-commerce: this refers to online market places where u buy your goods and services and also money transaction also go on there. Example is Jumia, Alibaba Express, Kikuu, EBay, Amazon etc.

Jack ma, the owner of Alibaba Express in October 2016 spoke and said, a time is coming when businesses will have to pay customers to get them to buy from them.
With this platform, you buy good from them online. The goods will be delivered to u by means of dispatch rider or u can pick your product from a service center. As for this many of us have been partakers.

Who makes the money?
There are only two persons involved in this traditional ecommerce business. The customer and the seller. But who makes the money? It is the platform owners(sellers) who make all the profit. As for you the customer, you will only receive your goods.
So this is what motivated Zhang Yuan, the Owner of Sairui mall to start the introduction of this new concept called New Retail.
What he meant was that, time is changing and the ecommerce platforms are becoming many. Very soon, they will all have to so something special to keep their clients. The best way to keep them is by paying them.

What is New Retail
This is a special kind of system which allows customers not to only buy from the ecommerce platform but also allows them to share in the company’s profit.

What do I mean
I mean that the company has direct connection with producers of their goods so the ideal way is just to get the goods at production price and sell them to the customers at retail price.
The New Retail Mall thought it wise to say, instead of the company making all the profit, they are giving access to every customer to buy also goods at production price for the company to sell for them. By so doing, the customer can also make profit from the platform.

Sairui Mall is not a new company starting, it is only part of the sairui group of companies from China.
The Name of the new Retail mall is Sairui Mall.
The New Retail Concept is a genius because every human being by nature love money, so if they know by buying goods form the platform they can make money? They will always buy from there.

Sairui mall is an online mall just like jumia, alibaba and the rest,they are the father of the new retail concept. In fact, they are the only E-commerce platform that does New Retail.
For anyone who wants to do business, there are 2 things you will need

Your (shop) that’s your VIP package and money to stock in your goods called your trading capital
Sairui mall is a legitimate and properly regulated company in Ghana. Infact it is in many African countries but I will only talk for Ghana.
Sairui Mall is a product base company. They are real. In my experience in networking, I realised that the companies which stay long and still operating are the product base once. See the likes of Herbalife and others. I don’t wanna mention but some are over 40 years and till doing well.

Trust me, this is a legit company so do not have any fears because of the pains of the past.

Sairui mall allows customers to buy goods from them at retail price and for the same goods the customer bought at retail, they allow the customer to buy two of the same goods at wholesale price so the company can sell for them at a retail price. If this happens, the customer then also make profit from the platform.
For anyone who wants to do business, there are 2 things you will need

Your (shop) that’s your VIP package and money to stock in your goods called your trading capital

NOTE: you do not have to pay anything again for the shop you have bought. It is yours forever. You can chose to trade in it anytime of u can chose vice versa.
The company is an international company so their currency is dollars but you can pay cedis equivalence by momo or by bank transfer to join the business

How Sairui Mall Works

The new retail or e-commerce platform; you trade any item on the platform (that’s buying and selling), where the company gives you a 60% discount topurchase any product. You can buy the same product at the wholesale store with a price lesser than the new retail shop.After buying at the wholesale shop, the company gives you two options; either they sell for you or ship to you in your country or wherever you are.Example: Mr. X wants to buy a phone from Sairui mall, which will cost him $100 at the retail shop. The company then gives him a 60% discount which is two quotes or two cards to buy two of those items at the wholesale shop, which will now cost him $40 each instead of $100 each.Furthermore, Sairui Major in these areas:

  • Traditional E-Commerce
  • Social E-Commerce
  • New Retail (New Model)

However, with the Traditional E-Commerce and Social E-Commerce, You don’t share any profit or certain benefits with the company. But, with New Retail model of Sairui mall, youbath in 80% of Sairui mall 100% profit made in the New retail Outline and Consumptions.Sairui gives you free access to areas of income to be able to share profit to which normal consumers don’t have the special access. And this unique access or privilege is what we termthe New retail which is a combination of Retail and Wholesale of one particular product in your favor when you become a VIP, (will explain the VIP soon). Sairui Mall ProductsLike I explained above, Sairui deals with Quantum Energy products to better individualhealth in the global sense. See the images below to gain more understanding.

 Below are a few products they deal on:

  • Quantum fuel saver card
  • Quantum fuel saver card
  • Quantum energy heart and neck instrument.
  • Quantum energy glasses.
  • Quantum beauty sprayer
  • Quantum mobile phone sticker…and more!

 Now, we are going to look at the real deal; the main reason for this article. Let’s talk about the business structure of Sairui mall. What is in for you? For you to make money in Sairui mall is our concern for this post.Before we go in-depth, understand that Sairui mall is all about making money and becoming financially free. And this will involve spending money to invest and make money inreturn as income. Sairui Mall Packages:There are, at present, four good packages in Sairui known as VIPs. That is to say thateveryone doing business with them are called VIPs. Thus;

  • VIP1
  • VIP2
  • VIP3
  • VIP4

Each VIP carries a price tag according to their levels of registration and activation. Thus;

  • VIP1=$25
  • VIP2=$50
  • VIP3$=100
  • VIP4=$300

In this new retail company, the above-mentioned prices are just for registration and activation of any package you choose. This is more like renting a store in a real-life scenario to sell goods. Now, when you pay money for shop renting when you are about starting abusiness, you will need capital to stock your shop with goods to begin a trade. That is how it’s done on Sairui mall. So, for you to begin trading with Sairui, you need to fund your back office with a certain amount of money per a VIP level you choose. The amount you areexpected to fund per VIP is as follows:

  • VIP1=$54
  • VIP2=$90
  • VIP3=$180
  • VIP4=$540

Note: You will be given products worth the amount you fund for any of the VIPs!In a nutshell, you will have;

  • VIP1=(activation amount) $25 + (trading capital) $54 Total= $79
  • VIP2=(activation amount) $50 + (trading capital) $90 Total= $140
  • VIP3=(activation amount) $100 + (trading capital) $180 Total= $280
  • VIP4=(activation amount) $300 + (trading capital) $540 Total= $840

Please, in order for you to get the exact figure of how much you will need to invest in total, calculate the dollar value in your own local currency to avoid confusion. Also know that this is a onetime payment to make re-occuring profits till infinity.Note: Registration money is non-refundable, but trading money is refundable, you can withdraw it anytime you want.Also, note that each and every product purchased has a life span of 200 years. That is to say, you are guaranteed a lifetime business opportunity.Disclaimer: To clear the air, please, this is not a network marketing company, neither is it a Ponzi scheme. It’s not even a get-rich-quick-scheme or a business where you are given products to hawk around the street for little money. NO!*Any package you activate gives you unlimited access to starting a business with Sairui! How To Make Money/Profits in Sairui Mall
E-Commerce BusinessThere are 6 awesome ways to make profits in Sairui, they are:

  • Store Profit
  • Direct Sharing Profit
  • Chain Store Profit
  • Service Profit
  • Chain Service Profit
  • Traditional E-Commerce Profit

Having listed 6 powerful ways you can earn, we will go through each and every one of themin a detailed form so that you can have a full understanding of the business.1. Store Profit (Unlimited Earnings): The store profit is the unlimited profit an existing partner of the company receives or enjoys when he begins trading on thee-commerce platform.How It WorksHow do you trade?I’ll explain using Store profit. When you buy a product with your trading capital(let’s use VIP1 for example), you will buy any product in that category worth $30.Note, this is Store Profit I’m explaining.Now, Sairui will give you 2 quotas to buy the same product at $12 each.Do the simple math:> $54 minus $30=$24> $12 times 2=$24The first product you bought at $30 will be shipped to your location.For the other two you purchased, Sairui will give you two options; “do you want us to sell for you or ship to you?” You’ll tell them to sell for you.Remember you bought at $12 each, but Sairui will sell for you at $30 each, making it $60! So, $60 will be credited to your back-office.Now, you spent $54 on your trade and gained $60>$60-$54=$6You will pay a tax of $1.8 to your own country.So, you will still have $4.2 as your total profit for that one trade and your capital of $54The selling period is 7-10 days maximum!That’s for Store profit. No referring and selling products on the street. Pure legit, clean and stress-free business you have never seen before! 2. Direct Sharing Profit (Referral Bonus): Sairui says since you have decided to share this opportunity with others, you will be earning 20% of their registration fee eachtime a new person joins your network. Direct bonuses are instant and automated income received for referring or recruiting a new partner in Sairui mall international e-commerce business. The company pays you 20% on the registration fee of any new recruit you bringonboard.Example: If Mr. A decides to recruit Mr. B. And Mr. B comes in with VIP4 which is a $300 registration fee. Mr. A will be paid $60 instantly for bringing in Mr. B. This is the best online business in the 21st century! Second to none! 3. Chain Store Profit: This profit is one that Sairuimall partners receive when theybuild their network. Those who directly recommend people to successfully participate in the new retail business will earn 3% of the First Generation’s (direct referrals) purchase from New Retail Store Area in every round of trade. So, this implies that each time they buy andsell, you enjoy 3% of their trades every time.Moreso, if you directly recommend five customers or above, apart from the 3% reward of your First Generation in New Retail Area, you will also get another 2% of the Second Generation’s purchase.Also, very importantly, when you share Sairui business with five customers or above, besides the 3%+2% mentioned upfront, once the sales volume (calculated from each 1st of every month) at New Retail Area of the biggest customer’s team reaches $200,000, from this time on, the server will be activated to accumulate your other First Generation’s team’s turnoverof New Retail Area purchase till the end of the month, excluding the biggest and the smallestcustomers’ team, and you will be rewarded 3% of this turnover at the end of the month. 4. Service Profit (Binary Bonus): Service profits are profits or bonuses you earn on weaker or small legs. For instance, Mr. Ben is able to build his network (binary) (left and right legs). Mr. Ben’s points accumulated on his left leg is $1000 and his right is $1,500. The company will choose the left leg as his payout because that is his weaker or small leg.See Calculations below;Daily increment of sharesService Profit (SP) = Small Zone’s turnover (small leg)/day times 12%If it’s $1000,SP=$1000 times 12%=$120/day (profit)Furthermore, if 5 teams in your network accumulate;

  • Team A=$200,000
  • Team B=$100,000
  • Team C=$5,000
  • Team D=$150,000
  • Team E=$8,000

Monthly sales volume of the Biggest Team=$200,000. Monthly profit=Total turnover (exclude biggest and smallest team volume) times 3% monthly calculation.=($100,000+$150,000+$8,000) x 3%=($258,000) x 3%Profit=$7,740.00In a nutshell, just know in service profit you earn 12% of the total points accumulated on yourweaker leg daily. So, if your small leg accumulates 10,000 points (which is $10,000), Sairui will pay you a whopping sum of $1,200 every day, just on service profit (binary bonus) alone!No E-commerce does this! Not for once! Remember, it’s calculated and paid on a daily basis.Whether you get new recruits or not, you get paid daily. 5. Chain Service Profit:Terms:

  • G=Generation
  • CSP=Chain Service Profits


  • Chain Service Profit= First Generation’s Service Profit x 50% + Second Generation
  •  Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.
  • When CSP greater than or equals to 5 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit= First Generation’s Service Profit x 75% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%.
  • When CSP is greater than or equals to 10 times of your VIP level. Chain Service Profit=

First Generation’s Service Profit x 100% + Second Generation’s Service Profit x 20%. 6. Traditional E-Commerce Profit: Partners in Sairui has the right to recommend or refer qualified manufacturers and commodities to Sairuimall Traditional EC Area. If the commodities are purchased by consumers, what you will get is as follows:

  1. If Commodity A’s monthly turnover =A=$100,000
  2. Commodity B’s monthly turnover =B=$200,000
  3. Commodity C’s monthly turnover =C=$300,000

THEN, Traditional E-Commerce profit= (A+B+C) x 1%=Total $600,000 x 1% = $6,000/monthly.Understand this! This is a very powerful profit-earning aspect, where you make contact with local manufacturers of, for instance, shoes, bags, jewelry, phones, etc. You connect them to display and sell their products to final consumers or online shoppers on Sairui mall Traditional E-Commerce Area. You earn 1% of their total turnover at the end of the month, on a monthly basis. How To Become A MemberIt’s very simple and easy! Just identify yourself with any of the packages mentioned above. Register, activate, and start trading immediately!However, any of these VIP packages make you a business owner in Sairui mall.Wait a minute! Before you say the startup fees are too high, of course, good and genuine businesses that stand a test of time are not cheap at all!Apart from the registration fee, trading capital is the money you fund in your back officeimmediately after registration and it is your personal fund. Company has no right over it. it is your business capital. In other words, you possess the right and power to withdraw it anytime you want.However, once you withdraw your capital, you will stop making profits from Sairui mall’s buying and selling. Remember, shop and get paid huge products worth your registration money anytime you shop.The last part of this article will show you the step-by-step process of becoming fully active in Sairuimall e-commerce business. Please follow the guidelines below intently, and adhereto the directions accordingly! How To RegisterStep1Kindly contact us on WhatsApp +233558160387 for effective placement. That’s because links are generated. Don’t bother contacting us if you’re already registered and have invested, please! 


3. FREE 2 REFERRAL TO BOOST YOUR EARNING.Is that enough? I can go on and on to show you proofs of this awesome company, changing lives across Africa and the world at large! People make as much as $250 per day just staying home! What are you waiting for?!!! The most interesting thing about Sairui mall e-commerce business is that you can workcomfortably from your home with your mobile phone, tablet or laptop, without necessarilystressing yourself about who to join the business opportunity or not, neither hawking products on the street. This is the 21st-century business! We don’t believe in working withmuscles, but with your mind (smart work!)

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