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Meet Abena Cilla, The Lady Who Has Successfully Dethroned Hajia Bintu With Her Big Backside (+Whatsaap Line)

Ghana’s latest sensation Hajia Bintu has been successful dethroned by a new lady with bigger backside and her name is Abena Cilla. We have finally discovered that despite her curves,

I Died and Resurrected On the Day of My Burial – I Went to Heaven But God Said I Had to Do His Work – Ghanaian Woman Explain

A Ghanaian woman claiming to be a prophetess, Doris Anthony, has alleged that she died and was resurrected. Anthony claims after dying she went to heaven, but God did not

How to make money with google map|2000$ per day

Learn basic steps for earning on google maps: Driving the car one way or the other you’re just swerving back and forth you use google maps trying to walk to

Get paid to watch videos|6$ per video|make money online

Here’s how you can make money online today by just watching videos as simple as that and in this post you’ll learn the exact process to do that all. I

10 Best apps To make money from phone|online earning

Introduction about the post: Hey just me making another post but this post is a bit different if we go over most of my posts. I’m showing you ways to

Paid to read emails|Earn money by reading emails

Introduction: Hello welcome to my blog. In this post we well share with you a method of online earning in which you can earn handsome amount of money easily. Do

I spent 2 hour for this survery|Earn money online

Introduction about the survey: Hi everyone in today’s post, I decided to do online surveys for money I actually sat down and spent a good chunk of the day trying

Secret tricks for make money online|Home base earning

Introduction of today’s topic>>> Basically, test the functionality of Websites and mobile apps for various phones, okay so what you will be required to do is visit a website or

How I made 310$|Best way to make money online

Introduction how to earn a handsome income? How you can start doing something very similar so first of all let’s break it down and let me show you how I’m

How I made 2900$ by coloring images

Introduction: In this post I’m going to show you howto make $29,900 simply coloring images online all you need to do is just upload your black and white image to

Earn money on YouTube without making videos

Introduction: That’s going to be eight hundred and ninety-five dollars a day that’s pretty crazy and that’s exactly what you can do with the method I’m about to show you