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Meet Abena Cilla, The Lady Who Has Successfully Dethroned Hajia Bintu With Her Big Backside (+Whatsaap Line)

Ghana’s latest sensation Hajia Bintu has been successful dethroned by a new lady with bigger backside and her name is Abena Cilla. We have finally discovered that despite her curves,

I Died and Resurrected On the Day of My Burial – I Went to Heaven But God Said I Had to Do His Work – Ghanaian Woman Explain

A Ghanaian woman claiming to be a prophetess, Doris Anthony, has alleged that she died and was resurrected. Anthony claims after dying she went to heaven, but God did not

Instagram hashtag research 2020

Growing on Instagram organically in 2020 is it possible and now targets because, of the right hashtag so in this video you’ll learn how to find the right hashtags and

Instagram theme page|How to get Instagram followers

Ah that’s good i’m ready to record again. So there’s three types of pages on Instagram you have the personal page you have the business page and also you have